Hello everybody this trend has been going for a while and i thought i will do it too. So my name is Luna 💕❣️💞

Lets begin

L - Light pink

pink, ice cream, and aesthetic image pink, touch, and alternative image pink, light, and wallpaper image pink, sky, and aesthetic image Image removed pink, plants, and aesthetic image

U - Ultramarine blue

night, stars, and beautiful image blue, ocean, and sea image aesthetic, blue, and blurry image blue and dark image water, blue, and nature image grunge, purple, and couple image

N - Navy Blue

aesthetic and city image waves, sea, and blue image blue image blue, boy, and grunge image aesthetic, city, and pack image blue, theme, and aesthetic image
This was the only color!

A - Amber

fashion, style, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and music image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and skirt image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image

Thx you so much for reading this <3



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