There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Writing, words, and stories in general have always come to me. Whatever I am doing and wherever I am, words flow through me until the reach the white pages of my word document. I would like to say that writing is a gift, that only privileged people do it, but the truth is something else. Writing is the one thing everyone should do. Pouring my heart into a well written text is the best thing I can do, and Wattpad is the platform I use to do it. I decided to write an article about wattpad because it changed my life and I wish more people would go through that experience.

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¿What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a platform, website and app that where readers and writers come together. The stories featured in this website range from poetry, original stories, paranormal... to fanfiction (my personal favourite). It's a community where the social barrier between authors and readers is nonexistant.

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This works for people who are "official authors" to get feedback from their readers, but it also helps young people who have talent to make their (user)name known and their stories read. Many people have gone from writing fanfiction to publishing a hardcover book or even a movie from this website, and it does make a difference. It is also available in more than just one language, but stories varie from one language to another, as most authors stick to what they know.

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¿What can you do with it?

As I said before, Wattpad is a great platform and website for creators where they get, not only to read stories but to share them. If writing is your dream but you're too afraid of commitment, then this is your site. Write easily without deadlines and get notifications from your favourite authors.


Reading is very easy, you can search stories either by their title or their theme, there are many categories to choose from. Once you save the stories you like the most, they'll appear on your library, and if you want to read off-line, save them before you go and you will be able to access them.

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Creating content is very important, and very simple. You can upload your stories from your smartphone as easily as you can text, you can also save your drafts.

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Creating a profile is basically the best thing that's ever happenes to me, it makes me want to be a better writer and, more generally, it makes me happy.

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This is what my profile looks like, you're welcome to follow me if you want :)

So... thank you very much for all of those people who have followed me and who read my articles, I hope that if you love writing you'll get to use this amazing app.
- Dahiandra

This article wasn't sponsored by Wattpad.