I start my night routine going to the gym to release all the stress of the afternoon, but before that at home I prepare an energy shake.

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girl, fitness, and body image fashion and fitness image

After a long routine in the gym, I return home to take a shower.

shower image bathtub, marble, and design image flowers, bath, and water image bath, book, and bun image

While I wait for my hair to dry I put on my pijama.

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With my hair already dry I begin to untangle and comb.

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Then I prepare my dinner and I enjoy reviewing my social networks

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I return to my bed to enjoy Netflix

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I turn off the television, the mac, the Iphone and I only leave the lamp on to read.

night, pijama, and read image bambi, books, and flowers image

Finally I turn off all the lights and see you tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for reading through this article; I hope it gave you some inspiration!