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This article is pretty much about the clothes I want to buy but it's also an article about some clothes you should always have in your wardrobe because you can make really good outfits with them.

Leather jacket

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There're different types of leather jackets, so you can choose the one you think it suits you better and customize it if you want.

-Here are some looks you can make with a letter jacket:

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girl, pink, and outfit image gold hoops, gold diamond ring, and red matte lipstick image fashion, champion, and style image fashion, hoodies, and outfit image
Hoodies are really warm and comfy wich makes them especially important in winter but they can also look really cute in an outfit.

-Comfy and cute looks:

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, yellow, and style image fashion, adidas, and girl image adidas, fashion, and girl image


fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, cool, and girl image fashion, girl, and grunge image alien, grunge, and tumblr image
Striped shirts, graphic tees, thrasher shirts and et shirts are my favorites because you can use them in a variety of outfits but there are a lot more than this ones that make good outfits too.

-Looks you can make with shirts:

fashion, vans, and outfit image outfit, skirt, and striped shirt image fashion, outfit, and girl image adidas, outfit, and style image

Denim clothes

fashion, blue, and pablo image fashion, style, and denim image denim, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
Denim clothes are perfect for summer and autumn outfits especially jackets, overalls and shorts that look even more beautiful with shirts or sweaters.

-Some looks you might like with denim clothes:

fashion, outfit, and style image coffee, denim, and fashion image fashion, sweater, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image

Oversized sweaters and shirts

fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image beach, girl, and summer image arm tattoos, straight blonde hair, and black graphic t-shirts image fashion, outfit, and style image
Oversized clothes are a fashion trend nowadays and they look really good with ripped jeans, black or denim.

-Fashionable looks you can use:

fashion, outfit, and red image outfit, style, and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

Black ripped jeans and mom/boyfriend jeans

adidas, fashion, and gucci image fashion, grunge, and jeans image jeans, tumblr, and aesthetic image couple, black, and vans image
Black ripped and mom/boyfriend jeans make a good combination with plain shirts, graphic tees and tights but you can use them with sweaters too wich will make you look more fashionable.

-Looks you should try:

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image


bad girl, black, and box image destroyed, fashion, and rose image yellow, shoes, and vans image vans, shoes, and rose image
Vans are perfect to match your outfit and you can choose the color you like the most.
fashion, shoes, and black image girl, legs, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and tights image bangle, bracelets, and grunge image
Tights look great when used with ripped jeans because it makes you look sexier.
shoes, boots, and dr martens image aesthetic, warm indie, and alternative image black combat boots, white combat boots, and red combat boots image shoes, boots, and red image
Combat boots are great if you want a rock or more city like style because they look great with modern outfits.
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Sunglasses are really trendy, they can make you and your outfit look sexier.

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