I know I’m not supposed to be A dictator and I don’t want to be I accept I can’t force others to change and I accept the beauty of free will and choice But are we so incorrectly selfish? What I mean by this is we have an incorrect view of who and what we are we are not just bodies and just minds and thoughts just ourselves we are not who we think we are, Just be willing for a few seconds to consider nothing is as it seems that everything you know is wrong as cliché as it sounds it is objectively true we are connected through conciousness this conciousness is a gift we don’t own it even though we think we do and this manifests abundantly in how we live our lives, I’m mostly saying this about men being a male myself I’m not saying women are perfect because they would just disagree with me but I view them as closer to perfection than men because the live in a heart centered way more often than men do which is living in an earth centered way. Conciousness is everything and we are conciousness. Imagine yourself as a plant or a dog or your best friend or your lover or mother or father or that person who hurt you that person who helped you and these beings are you and you them. There are secrets in this world but we close our eyes because of fear Which is exactly why we need to open them, I Like to point out the spelling of the word heart if you rearrange the letters it spells earth with this simple little rearranging you can see the earth is the heart and the heart is our earth, she doesn’t belong to us we belong to her but she doesn’t even treat us like property yet we treat her like this. Does this seem fair to you? If you are for domination, control, and power which ultimately mean nothing because of the nature of destruction and endedness that is cancer created by ego itself. power itself is misunderstood as control when real power to me is Love and what comes with this sacred, seemingly intangible force which is the only real tangibility in existence, for without love there would only be chaos in this world. If you are aware we may assume that everything is alive just because it doesn’t seem to move or be alive doesn’t mean it isn’t and if you say well it doesn’t mean it is I want you to go outside and lie facedown on the ground and clear your mind and everytime you get distracted focus on the breath and the earth and your heart and notice the synchrony and you will find the earth is literally beating you will notice your breath is connected to everything in existence and you will understand if only briefly the truth of this objective connection. Everything is concious, and everything is conciousness which is you are dear Humans.