if you are in those days of laziness and without productivity, here are some tips for you to do these days !!

paint or write something.

Painting with watercolor that blank sheet is something that will leave you relaxed and it's amazing. The same of you write something new, poems, quotes!

Try something new.

You, who never did this and have the desire to do, what do you think of this unique moment? Get out of bed and do it!

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Clean and organize your makeup

I always leave everything very disorganized and confessed, but if you are in those days, clean your makeup, clean your makeup bag, your brushes and something like that!

Go run!

Running is an exercise for both your body and your mind, and is also great for getting you up in bed.

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Create a new playlist, search for new artists.

I love love love meeting new artists and creating playlist is my hobb. Create playlists with songs you want to hear in the month, sad songs ...

Organize your room

Putting everything in its proper place is something that makes me relieved and happy. Get up from bed, put on that lively music and go and clean your room!

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I hope you liked the tips!!! Have a beautiful and fun weekend!

Xo, L