If you can remember back to a time when things were care free and you only had to worry about the alphabet, or tying your shoes, or memorizing your numbers from one to one hundred, you can probably remember your favorite stuffed toy.

We all had one, at some point, and they were a collection of creatures. Some were rabbits or foxes, some might have been a large moose or a Disney character like Stitch. There was also the possibility for them to be dragons or unicorns. But, my guess, is that a majority of us had teddy bears as kids.

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I once came across a quote, by whom I can’t recall, saying that teddy bears were what kept the nightmares away from childhood. But I think that each bear, in it’s own special way, has a story that is tied to it and the child that once held it.

The one I’m referring to is actually one that I still hold close, even at the age of 22 years. This bear, whom I called “Love,” was given to me by my aunt when I was about five or six. Love is a part of the Cherished Teddies collection and was one of the few rare large teddies that they created. The CT always gave names to their bears (one of the reasons she is called Love) before setting them up for sale and it was because this particular member of my family was very close to me and my younger sibling, I kept the bear to help remember old memories.

This old bear has been through countless adventures from a confident when I thought no one could hear me, to a friend on stormy nights, and even a traveling companion for visits. Now, the bear sits on my shelf, one of the last things I kept from my childhood.

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Some people might think it’s weird for an adult to keep such a thing when it could clearly go to somewhere else. It’s not easy to let things go, however, especially if your heart is a part of an old friend. I keep the bear for a few reasons:

1. Because she is important to me.
2. She was given to me by a dear relative who, unfortunately, is no longer part of the family but is still an aunt in my eyes.
3. There are so many ties to memories that I never want to forget and having her helps me remember.
4. And, finally, although she was created out of fluff, fabric, and is not alive, she seemed very real to my childhood eyes.

I wish and hope many children now and later will have the same expreinces I had with their favorite companion, whether it be dog, monkey, Disney character, or teddy bear.

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