Create an alter ego

My teacher mentioned this, and I realized that this was actually an amazing way to be confident. List all the qualities you want to achieve (or your insecurities), invent a name and create a “perfect” and suitable character. Whenever you feel down, think about your alter ego. Repeat to yourself “I want to become ……. Or a motivational phrase like “You go girl, you can do this, you got this, i believe in myself… ” Trust me, this truly works!

Pamper & give time to yourself

Even if it´s just to read a book, take a relaxing bath, prepare a cup of coffee or tea, putting on a face mask, listening to good music… it will help you. Please take time to care for yourself after a long tiring day, this will make you feel both calm and loved.


Whilst you do this, think about all the beautiful things in life, the people you love, inspirational icons, nature, pets…. And any enjoyable thing that flies through your mind! Meditation has been scientifically proven to help both your mind and your body. Even if it´s just 10 minutes when you wake up or before you go to sleep, it will have outstanding benefits.

Compliment others

Yes, when you compliment others, you feel good about yourself too! You not only light up someone else´s day, but you light up yours too. This is a very benefitial and easy method, and you´ll burst with confidence. You can compliment a stranger, a friend, a family member… it spreads happiness and it´s free. What are you waiting for?

Don´t compare

Comparison is the number one mistake self-conscious people make. I know it´s not easy to long for the bodies of women or men all over the social platform, but think that these figures have been retouched and photoshopped. We shall be realistic, and learn that 95% of the world´s population aren´t like that. Envy is also another key point. I understand the type of “Wow… i wish i had those beautiful green eyes…” but not the kind of envy which leads to hating yourself. Envy will help anyone; you are perfect just the way you are, your imperfections are what makes you a pure human being. Don´t compare yourself to anyone!

Be yourself

In a world were it´s difficult to catch glimpse of a pure soul, and everyone wears fake masks, i know it´s difficult to have your own personality. But, go on a road trip. Get away, far away. Explore music, clothes, hobbies… and don´t do things just because “it´s what everyone does and it´s trendy” that´s not what life is about. We must always stay true to ourselves.

Accept yourself just the way you are, you are an exquisite, graceful, strong and dazzling human being


·Surround yourself with good people

·Listen to good music

·Find hobbies

·Dress fancy

·Smile for the sole purpose

·Work out

·Live a healthy lifestyle

·Treat yo self, cause you deserve it!

·Look up inspirational quotes and hang them up