Hi everyone,
since this challenge is really popular I decided to do it.
Let's start!

-My Hogwarts house

Superthumb aesthetic book green
SLYTHERIN! /my Slytherin playlist/ https://open.spotify.com/user/commelanuit/playlist/2kEJ0WbVdnO6EDJHFS9QBX

-My Ilvermony house

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
I don't have enough information about Ilvermony houses but it's cool.

-Favorite female character

Superthumb book animal emma watson
Who doesn't love her?!

-Favorite male character

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic draco malfoy
I love him so so so so much. Especially in Cursed Child, I was very happy to see that his character had developed.

-Favorite marauder

Superthumb harry potter bag harry potter
Actually he's the only marauder I love. His calmness, intelligence and loyalty made him one of the best characters in the books/movies.

-Least favorite character

harry potter dolores umbridge dolores umbridge Superthumb
Instead of Remus&Tonks, Rowling could kill her :(

-Favorite Hogwarts Subject

book book book harry potter
Since I'm a proud Slytherin, I think I'd be great at potions class.

-Favorite spell/charm

book harry potter fox animal
My favorite spell/charm is definitely Patronus. According to pottermore, my patronus is a fox.

-Favorite book/movie

hogwarts expecto patronum draco malfoy Superthumb
Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book of the series. It was really fun to read. On the other hand, my favorite movie is Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was a legend.

-Deathly Hallows

harry potter deathly hallows harry potter Superthumb
I know it's not a wise choice but I'd choose resurrection stone.

That's all thanks for reading,