Some cities are in Italy, my country, and I visited all of them.

M like Maranello

italia, italy, and maranello image 1929, italian, and sportsmanship image
City of motors and red, Emilia Romagna

A like Andalo

cars, italy, and milan image come on, okay, and spanish image
City of winter and snow, Trentino - Alto Adige

F like Firenze

architecture, travel, and italy image sunset, romantic, and flowers image
The main city of Italy, full of history, Toscana

A like Acireale

vulcano, etna, and acireale image sicilia, etna, and acireale image
In a castle you can see the wonder of Sicilia.

L like Lucca

city and italy image Tuscany image
The city of youthness. Toscana

D like Dresda

blogger, dresden, and german image architecture, city, and vintage image
Germany, May 2017

A like Atene

Greece, blue, and indie image Greece, Athens, and history image
Home of gods, Greece.
What cities describe you?
Your mind, your past, your life?

So, I'm an italian girl and this is my ART Collection... Enjoy!