Most people think they know what it is or how people feel when they go through it, but truly they dont. I have anxiety and I would like to share with you guys what its like. When I had my first anxiety attack i didn't know what it was. I was asleep and i remember i was dreaming that i couldn't breathe well i woke up and i couldn't breathe and i couldn't go back to sleep. An anxiety attack is when you feel like your lungs are full of nothing, you cant take a deep breathe and you're nervous, sometimes you feel nauseated. It puts you in a panic mode, sometimes i even throw up, mostly you feel anxious.
My anxiety has gotten wore as i got older, it causes me to have night terrors. Sometimes i even get trapped in my thoughts, like bad memories or bad feelings. it also causes me to feel depressed, annoying or like noone wants me around. it does get the better of me a lot, and sadly it can interfere with you and your loved ones or your partner. it effects my behavior at most times i just pretend Im okay so i dont worry anyone. Obviously you can go on medication for it, but i dont want to rely on pills to make me happy, but sometimes i feel that maybe i will have too, its not something i would wish on my worst enemy, no its not a disease, its just a disorder. It makes me feel like something that isn't me is taking over my body and my thoughts, i try to think good thoughts but its easier said than done honestly.

If you know anyone who has it all you can is be there for them, dont try to be too pushy with them, just be patient and if they're having an attack then try to get them too take a walk, it always helps me. Here are some ways that you will know if someone is having one; They are having troubles breathing, They are panicking, They aren't acting the same, They just aren't themselves. Please be supportive it isn't fun for us who have it and we just want space and to be supportive. Thank you guys and i really hope you like this article :)