We all lived many lives before this one, some more than others. We came to this earth to learn, in another words, for soul growth. Most come for personal soul growth but some come for more than that. They came for the collective, they came on a special mission to heal and help earth and all its creation. Those beings have been grouped under the name of 'Earth Angels'.

There are many groups of Earth Angels, in this one I will focus on the Incarnated Elementals.
We have had many past lives before this one, if you have lived several lives as an Incarnated Elementals or one of your recent past life involved being an Incarnated Elemental you might relate to these.

  • Fairies - (different types of fairies, water fairies, flower fairies, forest fairies etc.)
  • Pixies
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Brownies
  • Mermaids
  • Leprechauns
  • People who were dolphins, trees, unicorns and honestly any animals, I have seen a lot of people who relate a lot to cats. Their past lives might have involves being these animals.

Some of the signs that indicate that you may be an Incarnated Elementals:

1. Mischievous. Loves to play pranks.

2. Party Animals. Even though they can be extroverts, they can be in fact quite shy and private about their true selves.

3. May be attracted to movies/books like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit.

4. Needs a lot of space, might need lots of alone time in nature, with animals or just away from people.

5. They need to go outdoors to regain themselves and ground themselves. If they stay indoors too long it can make them feel suffocated and depressed. Nature is their church, it's where they go to feel one with god.

6. The Elementals are the badass of the earth angels. The are definitely NOT afraid to stand their grounds. If they've got a problem with you, they will not hesitate to tell you. They are honest in that way.

7. The Wise ones (see link below) and Elementals are close buddies, of course they would be, they spent lifetimes on earth together.

8. Like the Wise ones, Elementals also have quite the temper, some might agree Elementals are quicker to anger, but the main difference I feel would be that the Wise one will try to hold in their anger because they will try to understand the other person but Elemental are aware of their feelings, they know it's important to release their anger. (which is indeed healthy, as you need to release that energy)

9. Damage Control. That being said it is good to release all that anger and being assertive but if you let that rage take over your whole being, it can hurt your relationships and more importantly yourselves. I know you are just expressing yourselves but like I said to the Wise ones, the words that come out of your mouth are powerful, if you are sending anger and negativity to others, that will only come back to you. Just think of your words like a bouncy ball, wherever you throw this ball you know it will always bounce back to you. So be sure you are sending love out, so it comes back to you.

10. Have a great sense of humor. The elementals are the entertainers of the earth angels. They are the life of the party, the class clowns, the ones that always makes jokes and manages to make you laugh no matter how sad or depressed the situation may be.
In this sense, that's one of the many things the elementals bring to us all. They teach us that we just need to laugh it all, just be carefree and not to take everything so seriously.
And they are absolutely correct, laughing is the best medicine after all.

11. As a Badass, of course there's no rule these guys couldn't break, in fact they live for that. Unlike the Incarnated angel who are good girls and boy, Elementals are the bad girls and boys. And do not mistake when I say 'bad', there's a reason behind all our existence. If you look at the world right now it's a mess, it has been for decades now.
Think about all the systems set up, you go to school from a young age to be taught a few subjects (which most I feel are useless and just a way to distract you so you don't find out who you truly are), then you are encouraged to go to college / university, where you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for 3 - 5 years (in which again I don't feel like it's not even real knowledge) then you have to find a job where you have to spend all your life paying back for these 3 - 5 years of university.
These manipulative systems make the Elementals go mad! This isn't how earth is suppose to be! They know that and they want to regain their true earth back! It's their home after all, some may look at them and think they do not give back to society or they didn't do well in school so they will amount to nothing.
Reality check people, it is these guys that will lead us all out of this system and back to earth's original place of beauty, peace and love. Their Rebellious nature will help break down all these systems that have kept us chained up for decades.

12. Without guilt. Most will not be afraid to stand up and shout for their right, even if the other person may be hurt or offended, these guys trust in themselves and their truths. (which we should all learn from them, once you trust yourselves, no one can tell who you are, because you know who you truly are and that comes from a deep trust of yourselves)

13. Since there are many types of elementals of course they don't all look the same. Flower fairies tend to have silky, straight black/brown/sometimes blond hair.
And it's the same with height, most tend to be petite but if they are a combination of other elementals and even other earth angels then that will change the appearance. They have a mischievous and sometimes playful and look in their eyes.
This is a physically robust group, they have the energy and strength, that's why you find a lot hiking, biking, exercising outdoors or anything that involves moving around and doing things.

14. Elementals overall tend to have fiery personality, except for flower fairies are shy, sensitive and sweet. Like their fast pace personalities, their metabolism are fast too but have sensitive nervous system.

15. Incarnated Angel love to love; Starpeople love to offer help and Wise ones love to offer knowledge and advice. Elementals love to party. Dancing. Singing. Laughing. Being Silly. Storytelling. They are up for it all. In the Elemental Kingdom the fairies, elves and everyone gather together to have nightly parties. They bring the fun in our lives, which we all need.

16. Because both Elementals and Wise ones spend so many lifetimes together, Wise ones will relate a lot to Elementals and visa versa. Elementals may have witness the times of the witch hunts and the hard times wise ones suffered through and because of this elementals share this pain and understanding with the wise ones.

17. Career wise. A lot are attracted to the profession of singers, musicians, actors, comedians, writer, yoga; everywhere where there's an audience. Most tend to be optimistic so perhaps a motivational speaker.

18. Goofs. They love pranks and jokes, sometimes it can be inappropriate and this can get them into some trouble. (but that definitely does not stop them - in fact spurs them to do it even more ;p) Because it is those who refuse to laugh that need it the most and the elementals will set their intentions on making you laugh.

19. They live by one rule, to play and have fun and to have fun, to play. Some may say to them they have to grow up and stop acting like a child but know that they are being true to themselves. We all have an inner child that needs nurturing and the elementals know by having fun they are nurturing their inner child. This is important for our physical, emotional and mental well being.

20. As part of the elemental group, it is obvious that these guys are very protective of the earth's environment and animals rights. These are the people tying themselves to trees to stop the corrupt from cutting them down. If you litter in front of them....well good luck. If they see animals being abused you know their rage will take over. They know that we are all one with earth. If a tree gets cut down and dies, part of you die. If an animal is being abused and are hurt, you are hurt. We all share this experience together and Elementals will not stand for their love ones being hurt just because you forgot who you truly are!

21. They felt they couldn't do much as little fairies and pixies, so they had to be born as humans so they can stop this madness of polluting their beautiful earth. You can call them hippies or crazy but they remember their purpose, do you remember yours?

22. They would rather spend their time with animals and plants than people. They have this anger towards the humans for hurting their earth after all. But like I said to earth angels, you have to learn to forgive, for your sake, not for anyone else's. I know it was painful to see all this pollution and violence but the only way we can regain our earth back is through love. Love yourselves and love others. If someone angers or upsets you, Say: "I send you lots of love and light" In that way your love will reach them and help them in remembering who they truly are, a being of love. It might not seem apparent with your physical eyes but energetically you are sending love energies their way and remember whatever you send out comes back to you when you do that you create this reality of love which will spread all over the earth.
Imagine if everyone did that on earth to each other, peace will be regained indeed.

23. They of course don't hate everyone, anyone who recycles, is kind to animals and the environment and respects Mother Earth is going to gain their love and respect.

24. A lot may be flirtatious and even promiscuous. I'm sure you can easily imagine this, they are the bad boy/girls that have this aura that just lures you in, they seem dangerous but you can't help but be attracted to them. They are the cold heartbreakers.

Mature image anime, boy, and kiss image anime, boy, and anime boy image anime, boy, and cigarette image

25. It's because of this anger and resentment they have toward people that make them this way, people may call them bratty or a jerk. Especially if the elementals themselves are not aware who they truly are, this can lead to a quite toxic life of addictions, substance abuse, anger, and/or moving from unsatisfactory relationships to another. Part of them may feel like the world has already been ruined and they feel like they can't do anything about it, leading to a deeper sense of anger and sadness even towards themselves because they feel so helpless, so self sabotage happens. Doing whatever they can to numb this pain, some might be already numb.

26. Like I talked about in the Incarnated angels one, Incarnated angels are attracted toward 'toxic' people and those 'toxic' people in most cases are the Elementals. Incarnated Angels will do what they can to help you back on track of who you truly are, whether you allow their love to help and change you is always your choice, no one can force you to do anything. But a reminder always is that you are here for earth, you are earth's greatest defenders.

27. Elementals (wise ones too) unlike other earth angels didn't necessarily want to come to this earth because of the violent and grossness so in that way they are kind of rebelling in their own way because they just want to go home to their Elemental Kingdom Heaven. They are here because they have to, not necessarily because they want to.

28. Elemental are very sensitive to disapproval; if they do not feel safe or at ease in a social setting or with an individual this can cause them to be shy and close themselves off until they feel safe. (may turn to alcohol and drugs for comfort)

29. Know how powerful you are. Like the Wise one, you have lived on earth the longest out of all the earth angels, you have the power of manifestation. Your power of manifestation is strong and quick because you are one with earth so whatever you are putting your thoughts into, it will happen so be careful because earth and the universe will always give you what you think about. So make sure those thoughts are of love and positive.
If you believe you will always suffer or that you are poor, then you are asking earth and the universe that, you want this in your life. If you want to change it, change your thought, BELIEVE that you are happy and abundant NOW; BELIEVE there is hope, love and peace on Earth NOW. That simple change in your thought can contribute to saving the earth. Your thought and your true happiness is what saves this world.

30. For the sad, depressed Elementals, go out in nature, do some gardening. Once you are out with mother earth, ask her whatever you need to know, ask her to guide you. Your guides are all the elementals animals and earth itself. Ask her to release all this sadness, anger that you feel and take a few deep breaths.

31. Sensitive Elementals learn to detox yourselves and clear all that is not of love and light from your precious bodies.

32. As you are pet and plant whisperers, see if you can engage in environmentalism. If you can't that's fine, the most important thing is that you heal yourselves first, when you heal yourselves you heal earth. Or do the little things (last year I started throwing bread in my backyard for the birds, and now different types of birds, pigeons and even cats come along to eat, even just watching them stomp around the garden together and chomping on the bread is the cutest thing and looks like heaven, it just makes me happy) Even the smallest action can help the world, your happiness is key, let your happiness guide you.


  • Petite and thin
  • May have high pitched voice
  • Lots of energy
  • May look similar to a fairy
  • Sweethearts of the elementals
  • Shy and Thoughtful
  • They look delicate like a flower petal
  • Loves Flowers
  • May love or interested in essential oils, flower arranging and art, being a florist
  • A lot tends to be asian / polynesian

Forest Fairies

  • Slender, wavy hair
  • Assertive, Intense and Strong
  • Ones that will stand up to crimes towards animals and nature
  • Loves trees, feels rejuvenated when near them
  • Can be tall


  • Tall and big boned, can carry extra weight
  • Combination of starperson and elemental
  • Awkward but sweet, gentle and kind souls
  • Nurtured and looked after plants and flowers on other planets
  • Have an innate ability to make flowers blossom and plants to grow
  • Prefers to work in the background


  • Combination of merpeople and elemental
  • petite and thin
  • Attracted to all bodies of water river, lakes, streams and sea
  • They have similar appearance of the celtic heritage, reddish / auburn / blondish hair. Fair skin, freckles (a good example would be the disney movie, Brave's princess Merida)
merida, brave, and disney image


  • may look like a pixie or like the characters tinkerbell
  • Short, dark hair

~Will talk about unicorns, mermaids and crystals in another.~

My advice to you to is that it is never too late, bring back that hope and that child-like wonder your brave hearts once had. All the earth angels are here with you, your guides are here with, the whole universe is with us during this stage. The world is ascending back into love, we need you more than ever. Your earth needs you. Brings yourselves out of that pain and pain numbing addictions and lifestyles that only bring you hurt. Know that you are more powerful than you can even realise, you have all the skills to save this world from destruction.
Remember we are all one, when you hurt, the earth and all its creations hurt; when you are happy, so are they. We need your bravery to lead us out of this corrupt system, you are our front line soldiers of love. Only you can break us out of these chains. But first you need to break yourselves out of your chains.
Elementals, thank you for you for silliness and the great laugher you provided. Thank you for making us take our minds off of the serious and dull thoughts and lives.Thank you for showing us how real strength looks like, I greatly appreciate how strong and brave you are. Thank you for helping us in regaining peace and love on earth again. Thank you for teaching us how life on earth is actually suppose to look like.

Forgive. Release all those resentments. Trust and believe in your strong hearts. Bring Hope Back. Trust and belief your hearts will guide you out of this illusion of pain, there's only pain if you believe it's there. Laugh. Enjoy. Love.

If you feel you don't match with this group try these:

Wise Ones


Incarnated Angels