I watch quite a lot of TV-series, so the characters become important to me and get really attached to them. I will sort them out by the show they are from.

New girl


cece, jess day, and coach image
I find the way he treats Cece really cute.


funny, new girl, and winston bishop image
He is kinda inspiring, and his cat is amazing.


I absolutely love them all, so this is really difficult.


friends, chandler, and funny image
He is absolutely my favourite. I love his sarcasm and find him so funny.


christmas, funny, and gif image
Maybe he is not the smartest person, but hey he is really good looking and cute.


gif, monica geller, and mondler image
I would be ready to pay anything just to have her cook for me once.

How i met your mother


barney, high five, and gif image
First of all, the improvement he makes just to be with robin is amazing. And for me he seems quite romantic at the end of the series.

Marshall and Lily

barney, love, and funny image
Well they are one of my favourite tv couples of all time.

Teen wolf

Even tho i don´t watch teen wolf anymore, i will always love that show.


teen wolf, tyler hoechlin, and derek hale image
Will you look at that smile for me?


teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and stiles image
Dylan is an amazing actor (especially as void stiles). Stiles has been my favourite since the start of teen wolf.


teen wolf, holland roden, and lydia martin image
Holland is also doing really good as lydia.


teen wolf, isaac lahey, and gif image
I feel like for some reason he is the most underrated character in teen wolf.

Brooklyn 99


andy samberg, detective, and funny image
tbh he is very relatable. Awesome cop too.


andy samberg, Hitchcock, and mic drop image
Umm i have a question, why are the most sarcastic characters always my favourites?

Grey´s anatomy


gif, grey's anatomy, and love image
He is wonderful surgeon. He and Meredith are the greatest couple of all.


crazy, greys anatomy, and life image
He might be a little quick with his his decisions, but he is a decent man, with a good heart.


cristina yang, greys anatomy, and gif image
He just seems like a good guy with tragic past (his sister).


alex, gif, and Greys image
She got that attitude and its awesome!


gif, greys anatomy, and quotes image
Meredith Grey herself, i love her but sometimes i feel really sorry for her...


gif, Greys, and greys anatomy image
I didn't actually like Mark at first but then something happened and now he is one of my favourites.

I think this was it, as you may have noticed i have been watching a lot of grey´s anatomy lately, that´s why i have so many favourites from that.
Thank you for reading!