Hey pretty ladies, summer is here ; time to refresh your wardrobes. So here's a list of clothings you must have to rock this season .

1. Denim shorts

Yea, we all know how popular denim shorts are. Seems like they will never go out of fashion like ever. And hey, you need not buy fresh clothings to pair it up, just pick out any top like literally be it crop tops, loose t-shirts, shirts, off shoulder tops, or a bralette etc you own and tada..you're good to go. Wear gladiators, flats or sneakers whatever you like to complete the look.

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2. Shirts

Own some shirts to make your simple look more fun and cool. You can wear them, when you feel too hot just take it out and tie it around your waist.Checked shirts, denim shirts, striped shirts etc there are many pretty choices.

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3. Leggings

Own a good pair of legging as per your choice and taste. The best thing about these is that these are super comfortable, hugs your body well and give you that desired slim fit look without compromising with comfort. Well, these may be ranked above those tight skinny jeans.

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4. Simple tees

Ahh, the best thing is you need not put much effort into selecting these. Ain't need lot of bucks too. Tees are the best option to wear if you're running late, or lazy or it's too hot outside. Tees are just a 'get up and dress up' item. Wear them as off shoulder, or tie them near waist, or just simply put it on gals.

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5. Fancy brasserie

These look super fancy. Wear them as they are or pair them up with any backless or loose top you like.

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Hope you like it. :)
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-Simona Yagami

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