✼ After finishing school, so many people don´t know what they want to study. Don't feel bad, don't feel confused and don't feel like everyone has their life figured out except for you. This is very normal and it happens to many people around the world. I´m going to reveal a little secret to you that will be very very helpful to make your decision: you already know what you want to study. Think in the present, instead of the future, like what you already love doing, and analyze what careers apply to that. If you are confused on what you truly love doing, use ♡WHI♡ by looking back at the images you constantly heart. The images that stand out to you mean something, so don't ignore them. Also, think about what kind of articles you love reading, what you love talking about with others, and what topics you love hearing others talk about.

Here are the kind of images I constantly heart and why:

fitness, sport, and nike image
For many years now I have loved fitness. I love the way it makes me feel and I constant imagine myself teaching fitness clases. It´s something I would love learning more about and something I would truly enjoy doing as a job. PS I love love workout outfits
book, study, and school image
Writing. Ever since I can remember I have written diaries, so as time passed writing became a huge part of my life. When I write I feel calm and happy, I understand better how I feel and what I think because when I put my thoughts on paper my mind clears. Another huge part is I love re reading what I wrote years back. ☺️
fruit, healthy, and smoothie image
Nutrition. When I was 14 my mom brought home a nutrition book. I was so intrigued started reading it and finished before she did 😂. Guess what the next book I read was about? Five years have passed since then and I fall in love with nutrition more and more every day.

In conclusion, I would study to be a fitness trainer and later on study nutrition and mean while have extra classes on writing.