Hi there,

It's my first real article, so please don't judge :)


Sometimes you feel happy
Sometimes you feel sad
Sometimes for no reason
Sometimes there are reasons enough
You never know when it comes
You never know when it goes
Even if you try your best it won’t always go
Sometimes the clouds come and wont ever go
But sometimes you’ve got to think it is going to get better
Because you can’t give up on this


I can’t stand the way you let yourself be treated
You deserve so much more than this pain
You deserve all the flowers in the world
All the sunlight the sun gives each day should be for you.
The clouds will move and the sun will rise.
Someday you will feel the light, and the clouds leave.
You will feel enlightened.

Tell me

Can you tell me what I did?
Can you tell me the whole damn truth?
Can you tell me without a blink that you love me?
If you can please tell me
Tell me over and over again.
Tell me that I’m the best thing that ever happened to you
Tell me what you feel
Tell me you love me.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it.
English isn't my first language so it could be the worst thing you've ever read.

Have a great day.