Aargh, there are so many things that people or I do that give me so many chills... ewh, no thanks.

1. Cleaning a knife with a cleaning brush. When the hairs of it touch with it's sides the sharp blade. It goes stuck and I get many chills. Argh.

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2. I think you hear this a lot. But very deep oceans. When you don't know where it's going to end. When something is going to swim up and grap you by your legs and no one will ever find you again. Accept for your own blood... But: I'd swim with other people, or go see corals. I always find that so satisfying!

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3. Thinking about people close to you die. I know, I know. And no, I don't think about this everyday. or every week or something, but I've just read a book about a girl losing her best friend who had cancer. But thinking about losing (one of) your best friend(s) is just.. I can't think about it ':).

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4. When I file my nails. That uneven surface touching with the 'top' of your nails, it almost makes me feel like I'm slowly pulling off my own finger nail but without any pain. It's weird to explain, but I hope I'm not the only one, haha!

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5. When someone does something nice, or complements me. I was never really into people unlike now, so I didn't have (m)any friends, so nobody quite complemented me or did something nice. Accept for my parents of course. But when I got older I tried to be more extrovert, I need to say, that packed out great! I got me some friends that I can tell anything to. And people who are not actually my friends, I can chat with, because (I think) they like me. :) So now I've got more people to complement me, but I think I will never actually get used to have that kind of things. I never know whst to say. But then it may look like I don't care. But I feel everything accept that.

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6. Sunset. I am a person who loves the sky and can be satisfied with it for hours. But when I see a beautiful sky (mostly at the beginning of the evening) I run to the attic (wich gives an amazing view over my neighborhood and the sky), and try to make pictures. I try to enjoy of the sky as long as I don't freeze :).

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7. Lets end this article with good vibes: Feeling happy. I think everyone will come to a point that they are feeling lucky with the friends they have, the grades they get, just everything feels so happy and you feel lucky. If you're feeling that this moment will never happen: Just remember that everything will be better. like a quote says:

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Hold your hopes. When you are feeling happy, people will get closer to you, so you can tell your problems to them.
You'll be happy. Trust me.

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