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Today I'll be doing the thirtheen facts about me challenge which is created by @itsqueenems. I was tagged by an amazing WHI friend of mine @daytime_dreamin.

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It'll be very random facts, now you can't say I didn't warn you. Lets get started:

1 | hannah montana

I like to listen to Hannah Montana soundtracks. My favorite song is Rockstar, but the intro song Best Of Both Worlds stays a classic one too.

2 | a firebender

If I'd be a bender, I'd probably be a firebender. Fire is the element of power. Firebenders have desire and will, and the drive to achieve what they want. With me being a Slytherin, I kind of think it fits better than my zodiac element which is water.

3 | holiday destination

Italy is my absolute favorite holiday destination. The food, the weather, the beautiful cities, the beach and so on.

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4 | cinema

I adore going to the cinema. The last movie I saw was The Death Cure and I loved it!

5 | eurovision song contest

I watch Eurovision every year. For the non-European hearters reading this, basically it's a song contest between almost every European country. It takes place every year around May, and has nearly 200 million viewers on TV. I'm always curious and excited to see what crazy acts some countries decided to send this time.

6 | mulan

My favorite Disney movie is Mulan, even though I also adore the story of Peter Pan and Big Hero 6.

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7 | gryffindor

I have done the Pottermore test two times in my life. The first time I was sorted into Gryffindor, but now I'm definitely a Slytherin. No doubt.

8 | just the same

Currently, I'm obsessed with the song Just The Same by Charlotte Lawrence.

9 | the last airbender

I'm rewatching the three seasons of Avatar, The Last Airbender at the moment. It's so nostalgic, fun and addicting! Plus, Zuko's story is just amazing.

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10 | imagine dragons

The last music concert I went to was Imagine Dragons. They were the best! My favorite concert songs were I'll Make It Up To You, Walking The Wire, Radioactive and On Top Of The World.

11 | zombie

The song Zombie by The Cranberries is one of my ultimate favorite songs. Sometimes I can really feel like wanting and needing to listen to it.

12 | atticus

I'm in love with the poetry of Atticus. Here are some of them!

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13 | history

I'm studying psychology at university, but if I wouldn't be doing that right now, it'd probably be history. I'm really fascinated by Greek myths and plays.

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