With probably one of the most bubbly and down-to-earth personalities, Rianne Meijer is taking on the world. You might have seen her cross your feed on WHI a couple of times, since her content spreads all over the internet after the moment of posting. Her passion to inspire others with a certain kind of humbleness shines through all that she does. Together with her drive to work hard, this has brought her to where she is today. This ultimate girlboss tells us all about striving to make the impossible - possible, turning her hobby into her dream-job and loving life.

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Rianne has been of my favourite people to follow for quite a while now, so I took a shot at interviewing her for this WHI Girlboss series. Luckily, she was just as excited as I was to do this, and we decided to meet up at one of Amsterdam’s coolest spots: The Hoxton. We order orange juice, ginger-tea and truffle fries to share. And it doesn’t take long until Rianne’s enthusiasm and energy lighten up the conversation.

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Q: You and your partner Roy recently moved in together, congratulations! How are you doing?
A: I’m doing great, thank you! It’s been a lot of fun so far and it’s been working out really well. Currently we’re together 24/7, since Roy has to stay home all day because of an injury. Being around each other constantly was something we both had to get used to, since I normally work from home and he is at work from 8 to 5. But luckily everything has been working out great so far!

Q: You recently told in one of your vlogs that you quit your office-job. How did you come to this decision and how did it change your daily life?
A: Before I started that job I had been busy with modeling freelance, but I wanted to do more work behind the scenes of the modeling-world. So I started the office-job. However I soon found out that it made my life too predictable. It gave a certain stability, as in knowing exactly how much I would be earning the following months and the kind of work I did was pretty much the same every week. My life is completely different now! The first weeks of doing social-media fulltime, my days consisted mostly of creating content and shooting photos. However, currently I have so much more work going on, which causes each day to be filled with meetings, collaborations and other cool experiences. And I have to say: I love it! I cannot wait until the weekend is over and I can get to do fun work-stuff again. Each morning I’m excited to get up and experience what the day has to offer: dreamjob!

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Q: Do you plan to continue growing your career via your social media accounts in the future, or do you have specific ambitions to pursue another type of job?
A: I would love to continue and expand what I am doing now. Expanding my following, but also expanding the activities my job currently brings. For example creating my own brand of stuff I really like or working with charities is something that interests me. Other than that, I have big international ambitions.

“I cannot wait until the weekend is over and I can get to do fun work-stuff again.”

Q: As you do most of your work from home using your phone and laptop how do you switch off your work-mode?
A: I don’t, haha. I simply love my job, so at the end of the day I don’t feel like I have to quit working. What I do find relaxing is watching movies. I try to catch a few of those moments a week where I just chill-out on the couch with a film, or go to the cinema, which I really enjoy! Moreover, I try to visit my parents every two weeks in the little village I grew up in. Going back to my roots helps me to relax and switch-off for a little while.

Q: How do you think growing up in a small village influenced you and your life nowadays?
A: I feel like I got raised quite differently than people who have lived in the big city since they were born. I have learned to be down-to-earth and to live quite simply. Designer-bags or clothes from expensive brands were unreachable while I grew up. I think this caused me to value other things, which I’m very grateful for. I hope to communicate this down-to-earthness or humbleness to my followers, showing them that not everything has to be complicated or high-class: it’s all pretty relaxed.

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Q: I can imagine you can experience quite some pressure to constantly provide your followers with amazing content, how do you keep inspired and motivated, without succumbing to this pressure?
A: I like to keep things ‘live’ on my socials. Thus, I don’t have certain days in a week which only consist of taking photos or creating content for the following week. I just take one or two photos everyday and I post them on the same day. This way I keep it quite relaxed. Sometimes I do think ‘okay, what do I have to post now again?’ But because of this it’s nice that I get to travel so often, since these new places bring variation in my photos and also in the brands I collaborate with. Also I do still enjoy the more ordinary things that happen in my daily life, which I think helps me to stay inspired and motivated.

“Going back to my roots helps me to relax and switch-off for a little while.”

Q: Looking back on when you were younger, does the job you have now fit the ambitions you had back then?
A: Absolutely! When I was younger I wanted to become a model and I have done some freelance modeling-work for a while. However, it was not exactly how I envisioned it, which is why I quit. The job I have now is perhaps even better since - besides sharing photos of myself - I get the chance to communicate a message and my vision to my followers. Moreover, I feel like the job I have now comes from my modeling experience. I went to Cape Town for a long period of time to work on my modeling skills and because I was constantly taking photos and creating content, I started becoming more and more active on my socials. My following began to grow in that period, and it brought me where I am now.

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Q: What do you think are the best things that have come from being your own boss?
A: The most valuable thing I’ve learned from being my own boss has been how to handle money the right way. I’ve had a period in which I immediately spent all the money I earned, causing me to only just reach the end of the month. But as I started earning more, I started learning about handling money. Being your own boss also brings new responsibilities, such as paying taxes. Now I have the space to think about what I want to do with my money and what the most efficient, valuable and progressive choice are money-wise. This has been a step of maturing, the whole thing about being your own boss is.

“Besides sharing photos of myself - I get the chance to communicate a message and my vision to my followers.”

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Casey Neistat, Negin Mirsalehi and Chiara Ferragni are some examples of people for whom I have a lot of respect. Perhaps I wouldn’t do everything the same way as they do it, or make the same decisions, but I love seeing where they’re going in life and how they handle certain things. I also regularly watch TEDtalks and I listen to motivating podcasts while I’m at the gym. I love it when these talks are uplifting and leave me to think about the meaning of the message they communicate.

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Q: What are your favorite hotspots in Amsterdam?
A: My all time favorite is Benji’s! Besides that I also love going to Cannibale Royale, for the delicious burgers and steaks. Also The Hoxton - where we’re at right now - I love, it has such a relaxing vibe.

“This has been a step of maturing, the whole thing about being your own boss is.”

Q: What advice do you have for young girls that want to do what you are doing?
A: Keep going! It won’t immediately work out the way you imagined, but eventually your moment will come and all the hard work will pay off! Content-wise: only post content which you are fully happy with! Use that little something that makes you unique, whether that’s your smile or your quirky attitude. Make sure that this aspect of you shines through in all of your content, it will make people remember you. However, I think this advice works not only for my type of job, but for all kinds of jobs and aspects of life!

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This article was was written by @beaumagd