Hello, hello and welcome to another article! I hope you doing well and you have many plans for the weekend! Since it's Friday (my favorite day) I thought that the best idea for the next article would be painting! But don't believe that I am actually going to talk about painting. See it with its metaphorical meaning. Our life has transformed to a routine. But why? We have to undertake our life! We have to live every single second! But how? And why?

First of all, if you want to change your life you have to reset it. Forget your past and your mistakes. You don't have to think of all the wrong things and decisions you made years ago or even yesterday. Life is about making mistakes and learning through them. So wake up in the morning, take a deep a breath and then say to yourself that you are making a new beggining. You change your habits and maybe your behaviour. The change you want to do to your behaviour depends on how you treat people. If you treat them right, then you don't have to worry abour it. However, if they feel unhappy and disapppointed, then start thinking about it.

The next step is to ask yourself if you have people aroung you that they love you and take cake of you. It's important and essential to be surrounded by people who treat you right. The key to be happy for having them is to talk to them. Tell them how yoou feel and what worries you. They will understand you and they won't exist any misunderstandings.

So, If you have already done this, then you are ready to find out what really paints your life. Is it your friends? Is it your family? Maybe music? Or even travelling... Eveything that you like can change the way you see the every day you wake up. It's necessary to discover what makes you happy. Because we only live once and every minute matters...

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Since we said what we had to say, if you cound paint your life what would it be? ( Send me a postcard with the color you matched your life)

  • Black: your life is very mysterious and you 've taken it seriously. It's a colour that symbolizes the secret and the unknown.
  • White: this color is matched with the innocence, peace and the freshness. People who love this color want to be perfect! They take care of a lot their health and the quality of their life.
  • Pink: pink symbolizes the romance and tenderness. These kind of people are sensitive and very emotional.
  • Blue: the color of the sea and the sky symbolizes the relaxation. It's the color of trust and responsibility. It relaxes the soul of the person.
  • Red: It's obvious that red symbolizes the passion, the love and the strength. It shows that a person is indepedent, dynamic and full of confidence. The shades of the red color are very intensing, they catch the other people's eyes.
  • Green: the green color is connected with the nature and peacefulness. It represents thebalance and the creativity, but also the ethusiasm.
  • Yellow: It's the color of party, fun and entertainment. It symbolizes the knowledge, hope and happiness. It has a very exciting and enthusiastic feelling.
  • Purple: I think that this color takes out the richness, the luxuriousness. It symbolizes the magical spirit of ourselves.
  • Orange: It's the color of optimism. It shows the positive side of our life and it also shows something pleasant and beautiful.

That's it for today. I hope you liked this kind of articles. Also send me if you want me to write more of these articles. Don't forget to send me a postcard with teh color that matches your life. Until next time......SEE YAAAAAA......

You give love a bad name,