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A huge thank you to all people that read my previous articles, all of you are such a inspiration to me, I love doing articles sm these days!

Im back again with another blog. This one will be alllll about my favourite type of music. Ill also tell you about how I got into Korean Undegrground music and r&b .

Ive been a fan for enough of a time, but I still fell lacking. Honestly. I dont know much about the mainstream side of Korean r&b and the popular artists. Of course I know Suran and Dean, I listen to their music and enjoy it too, but I personally like a different side of the Korean r&b industry and I just wanted to recomend some good music and artists that deserve a lot more attention.

I got into underground, cause of JooYoung. His song "Sweet life" (still a favourite) was on a playlist by danilions playlists on yt (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKg8pa6n2DlJ0Y6eXdrbY7Q)
And I fell for it so hard. I continued to listen to more and more songs, so I found my faves and Im here to share them with you.

1. "Sweet life" by JooYoung

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2. "Pizza" by OOHYO

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3."Take me" by MISO

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5."Polaris" by Bevy Maco

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6."I keep on lovin u" by Summer Soul (I believe, one of the best artists Ive every heard)

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6."Give it away" by SLCHLD (its stands for Seoul Child)

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7."She 3" by OCEAN

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8."사이" by CIKI

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9."Comfort zone" BiNTAGE

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10." 불면증 (feat. YAYYOUNG) " by DA₩N

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Hope you liked this article!

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