1. Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

hogwarts and ravenclaw image quotes, red, and overdressed image book, aesthetic, and bed image aesthetic, hp, and white image ravenclaw, wisdom, and aesthetic image book, white, and read image
!! Ravenclaw Pride !!

2. Which Ilvermorny house do you belong to?

harry potter, ilvermorny, and horned serpent image dragon, aesthetic, and scale image brain, aesthetic, and drawing image book, vintage, and aesthetic image
- Horned serpent; the house representing the wizards mind -

3. What type of wand do you have?

harry potter and hp image Mature image unicorn, horse, and black and white image blue sky, cherry tree, and cherries image
- Cherry wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 3/4 and Brittle flexibility -

4. Whats your patronus?

charm, curse, and expecto patronum image harry potter, luna lovegood, and evanna lynch image horse, beach, and animal image Image removed
< A white stallion is my protector (Horses are also my favorite animal..) >

5. Favorite subjects?

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potion, harry potter, and book image bottle image harry potter and hermione granger image book, potion, and magic image
harry potter, draco malfoy, and hogwarts image book, film, and films image harry potter, expecto patronum, and gif image harry potter and werewolf image
> Charms, Potions and Defence against dark arts seems fun but i would probably love everything <

6. Favorite professor?

cloudy, Dracula, and energy image wolf, animal, and nature image
chocolate, food, and sweet image boggart, harry potter, and remus lupin image
- Remus really would be so much fun! -

7. Choice of pet?

owl image owl and white image hogwarts, harry potter, and mail image owl image
- A barn owl, they´re so cute with their heart shape like thing around the head <3 and he/ she would also be needed, to bring me mail -

8. Position in Quiditch?

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- I would probably not play but if i played i would be a chaser -

9. Favorite place in hogwarts?

book image art, museum, and painting image architecture, blue, and art image clothes and fashion image
- Ravenclaw common room seems so cozy, i could sit there and read or hang out with my friends -
bird, aesthetic, and tower image harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image
- One of Hogwarts towers would probably be fun and cozy too to hang out in; the owlery or astronomy tower mabye? -

10. Favorite shop in Diagon Alley?

gif, www, and fred weasley image harry potter image harry potter, james phelps, and twins image harry potter image
- Weasleys Wizard Wheezes because what a fun shop! -

11. Spells you would use?

charm, curse, and hex image charm, curse, and harry potter image harry potter, charm, and spell image charm, curse, and harry potter image
- I choose these because i thought they would be really usable and like if you´re really thirsty but only have one bottle of something you can just Gemino it en then have one more -

12. How would Amortentia smell to you?

bedroom, indie, and cozy image food, fruit, and healthy image books image chocolate, photography, and food image
- It would smell like; Home, Fresh Fruit, New Books and Chocolate probably -

13. Favorite book

harry potter, tumblr, and globet of fire image harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and potter image harry potter, cedric diggory, and hogwarts image amazing, christmas, and gif image
- HARRY POTTER AND THE GOLBET OF FIRE i think this is the book that always keeps you on your toes and you never get bored. i really love so much in it -

14. Favorite movie?

harry potter, hogwarts, and hp image gif and umbridge image family, harry potter, and sirius black image harry potter image
- HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHEONIX i really love this movie, i love the book to (but it was really long so i zoned out a little in the end). i really think the actress did umbridge so good you really get the same hatred as in the book and there was so many fun scenes! im disapointed thoe that Mcgonagall slaying umbridge wasnt in the movie, best thing ever. -

15. Favorite female characters?

girl, blonde, and model image fairy, garden, and flowers image Image by Kaley paint, art, and vintage image flowers, sky, and shoes image Image by nxrcissamxlfoy
- LUNA LOVEGOOD shes just so kind and adorable, doesnt care about what everyone says she does her own thing. shes so funny too -
girl, hair, and eyes image witch and broom image horse and animal image Image by milla_va14 book, vintage, and photography image girl, friends, and hair image
- GINNY WEASLEY in the book she is just a fun, loving and stubborn character that you really can see have grown up with the twins, shes just more fun in the book! -

16. Favorite male characters?

boy, friends, and ginger image harry potter and hogwarts image harry potter, weasley, and fred and george image harry potter image ball, hand, and hp image harry potter, james phelps, and twins image
- FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY my absolute favorite characters they are amazing all fun and easy going but still make a career of what they love. plus they were respected by peeves thats awsome. -

17. Hated female character

harry potter, funny, and trump image harry potter, dolores umbridge, and umbridge image exposition, harry potter, and saint denis image cat, cute, and kitten image tea, sugar, and aesthetic image harry potter and lies image
- DOLORES UMBRIDGE we all knew this bitch would show up here, you can take the little hate i have for voldermort and multiply it millions to summon up how much i hate this bitch. ( the first pic is probably true) -

18. Hated male character

harrypotter, hp7, and mortifajo image forest image beauty, full moon, and moon image gif, hogwarts, and harry potter image
- FENRIR GREYBACK he is just horrible have hated him ever since i found out it was he that turned lil remus to a werewolf. -

19. Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, or Invisibility Cloak?

death, harry potter, and deathly hallows image gif, harry potter, and the deathly hallows image
- I choose the invisibility cloak because not only will you not die but its also very useful -

20. Parts that made you cry?

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- Freds death scene is honestly one of the book scenes that have made me cry the most. Even in the movie where the scene is only shown seconds i burst out bawling because it is so heartbreaking. He was a twin how could jk do that to George! He really was amazing, beautiful and i will nerver forgive jk for it. -
harry potter, sirius black, and bellatrix lestrange image avada kedavra, death, and harry potter image
- Sirius death scene, who doesnt like Sirius? Harry lost one of the only people he look up to as a parental figure jk why you do this? :( -