I remember long ago the fresh smell of laundry soap sweetening my senses to the dreams of tomorrow.
Young stay at home mums hanging out washing in a new development. The sun high in the sky
and the breeze always pleasant.
I didn’t know then that I would be going by way of the sewer. Nor that there was a sewer outside and that
my future companions were street urchins who thumbed their noses up at everybody and believed in triviality.
I felt uncomfortable and far from ideal. I hadn’t wanted to realise that I was just making up the numbers,
relegated to be part of the scenery, never to play a leading role. Luckily I didn’t know that, I believed in
myself and visialised that a top role would come my way.
The facts did not support this, but as I had been broken as a younger person, I turned away from hard reality.
During earlier times I had felt (and had been treated) as a freak, somebody to push away.
I’m glad I tuned out, ignorance is Bliss!
I crashed later (became more of a freak) and burned.
It was much later, near the end, that I realised that I had been born a wrong turn and ended up on the trash
Surprisingly I don’t have a great many problems. Life the great teacher has taught me that this life is
meaningless and we are just biology living on a rock which is hurtling through space.
I love this life because I have accepted my role and stand by my decisions.