Dear best friend
I don't know how hard it is for you
I only get a glimpse of what’s really going on inside
I'm never gonna see the full picture
I know that
I know that and I hate that
I can't......
I don't know how to help you
I try my best
I swear
And sometimes I think I've actually helped you
And some other times
Some other times I cry because my best friend has to suffer like this
Because my best friend has no control on her good days or her bad ones
Because my best friend has to take pills to be happy
But most of the time
I thank the world that I have you
That the sadness hasn't taken you from me
That I get to see you every day
Talk to you every day
That I get to call you my best friend
That I get to say you’re in my life
That I get to tease you
That I get to dance with you
Do stupid shit with you
Have deep conversations with you
That I get to love you
Dear best friend
I know ur hurting
I know its hard
I know u feel alone
But u’ll always have me
All day every day
Oh, and best friend
I love you
Thank you for being you