Hello my dear Hearters :) I have already made my name in colors article and I liked it. So I decided to do My name in cities article. As you already know my name is Izabela. Let's start with the article:)

Here is my previous article

I- Istanbul

istanbul, place, and travel image
mosque, istanbul, and turkey image

Z - Zagreb

Croatia and zagreb image
Croatia, snow, and travel image advent, zagreb, and christmas image
christmas, christmas tree, and light image

A- Antwerp

antwerp, beautiful, and belgium image

B- Budapest

budapest, hungary, and photographs image

E- Edinburgh

castle, edinburgh, and scotland image city, edinburgh, and medieval image

L- London

london, Big Ben, and england image london, Big Ben, and city image
london, Big Ben, and london eye image

A- Auckland

city, beautiful, and light image