We are fools, so engrossed in staring at and getting jealous of the beauty of others that we don't have time for appreciating our own beauty, knowing our own worth!

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Love yourself instead of wishing to be someone else. Put yourself first, that's not selfish, that's IMPORTANT. So many pretty girls out there thinking they are not good enough, thinking that there's something wrong with them.
You're pretty. Black? Pretty. White? Pretty. Brown? Pretty. Fat? Pretty. Skinny? Pretty. Muslim? Pretty. Christian? Pretty. You're pretty no matter what!!

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Knock some sense into the heads of those haters. Flip your fabulous hair and don't take shit from ANYONE. Why? Because you're strong, beautiful, smart and you know your worth. No matter what the world says. Don't let their opinions bring you down.
Never give anyone enough courage to wipe that smile off of your beautiful face.

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You're perfect in your own beautiful way. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. The perspective of beauty of this generation is so much messed up.
You gotta change that. Love yourself for who you are. Know your worth. Appreciate your beauty and never let anyone bring you down!


please don't mind if there was any grammatical mistake. English is not my native language!