Hello everyone! I hope your day is going great! For today’s article, I will be sharing a few tips with you to becoming photogenic. These ways have worked a bit for me, so I hope they work for you too!

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  • Practice smiling in front on a mirror. Find which way you think you look the best and duplicate it the next time a camera is around. Know how much to lift your lips or if you should smile with or without your teeth. It may feel really weird, but it’s quite helpful.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Nothing sucks more than feeling itchy or irritated when the camera is about to go off. If it’s the wrong material or fit for your body, your posture may be off or your facial expressions won’t look genuine.
  • Be in a secure environment. If you aren’t 100% comfortable and confident in the space you’re at or around the people/photographers, request change. You probably won’t look or feel your best if you aren’t in an environment you like.
  • Open your eyes or wear sunglasses. Photos look best when your eyes are huge, so if makeup is a must for you, try to highlight your eyes with mascara or a bit of eyeshadow (obviously don’t overdo your makeup because then it would look weird). If it’s outdoors and sunny, I recommend you wear glasses to avoid squinting at the sunlight.
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  • Look back at old photographs. Try to find things you like about yourself in these pictures and things you don’t. Next time, avoid the mistakes you spot in older photos and try to re-do what you thought looked nice.
  • Be natural. Nothing looks worse than a fake smile/laugh or clown-worthy makeup (not saying makeup looks bad, but don’t go too big on it). Tell some jokes or think of something funny. Use only a little bit of cosmetic products to accentuate the little details you love.
  • Know your placement in group shots. If you are taller, it’s best suggested to be on the end, and if you’re shorter, try to stay closer to the middle. If you’re just standing awakwardly “there”, the attention will go straight to you, so try to make your place in the photo blend in.
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  • Have a go-to pose. If you know what action to do or which direction to look to, you’ll probably feel comfortable, and it won’t be a mini anxiety attack to find a pose.
  • Avoid eye contact with the camera. Look off to the distance, or just a few inches away from the actual camera. It gives off a little mystery, and won’t be as awkward to be staring straight at it.
  • Know your good side. If you know which side of your face/body you prefer, focus that on the camera and leave the other side to the back. If you think the front-facing thing works best for you, by all means do that!
  • Have confidence. This is the key thing to becoming photogenic. Lots of times people don’t like being in pictures because they think they look out of place or ugly (me lol), but really, if you just had a little big more self confidence, I’m sure you would enjoy taking photos more.
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That’s it for today!! Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps! I’ll see you all in my next article, and please don’t forget to send me requests for future uploads!

~ Caylie