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Hey Teen Wolf lovers and lovely hearters! I'm here again with an another tag article from my other favorite tv show. I just search on the internet and I search about tags for what can I write on WHI. And I'm full with tags, so be ready for it. But now, see what I can do here.

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1. Who's your favorite character?

It's absoluetly Stiles Stilinski! Like, come on, who else? Haha. But also, I like Lydia's character and Allison's too. And like all the characters from Scott's Pack.

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2. Who's your favorite otp/ship?

Is it a real quesion or nah? Haha.
But for sore, it was always and will be, Stydia and Scallison. And I really miss so much Allison, I really loved her character and then...And also Sciles is a good thing, 'cause there are like brothers, but they are cute together in all stuff.
But the ultimate is Stydia!

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3. Describe Teen Wolf in one word!

That's too hard, but let me think about it.

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4. What is your favorite episode from each season?

- This episode. They are just so cute!

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- Hehe.

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- This and this.

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- When Brett and Liam and Mason came to the show. Nice work. Haha.

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- Come on...I'm dead...

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5. What is your favorite storyline so far?

I think, my favorite is Swason 6, like a storyline. I loved all the things that happend in this season. Like, the pack is all, Stiles came home, Stydia is real, Stiles go to the FBI and also the end, what made me cry so much, but it's okay. I just really loved the ending of the storyline. And also I'm ready for the spin-off.

Who's with me?

6. What is your favorite scene from Teen Wolf?

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Any questions?

7. Who is your style icon on the show?

I think Lydia and Allison also had a really cool style, but my icon is Stiles. Haha. Like, he had such good shirts and I love shirts. But if I think it could be also Kira's style. Thye had all such cool clothings.
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8. Which supernatural creature would you like to be?

Werewolf. Werewolfs are the best, my loves!
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9. Who is your favorite parent/adult on the show?

Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski
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10. Rate Teen Wolf on a scale of 1-10!

Can I write 12? Please...
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I want to say thank you for this show too. I also grew up with this too, and it changes my life. This was the first show what takes me to a world where are supernatural creatures, like werewolfs. And I learn so much about friendship, love and relationships, what means family and like many things. They are in my heart till the end and they will be. Thank you Teen Wolf for the years, it was a good time with you. Bye...
LA, out.