Картинка из моей прошлой жизни и музыка тоже,мой мир и мой дом.А щас я в тюрьме я тут чужой,дали мне паспорт,и нахуй послали,уроды пидафилы каким то Вадимом назвали,..More like this. Where can I find? I know about their countrymen Vibrasphere, Solar Fields and Aes Dana. I want more clean ambient music without any beat. Not that I don't like beat, but with beat the focus on thr long synth sounds disappears.Jimmy was saying that, while you may not be on Voyager 1, you are on an endless, eternal, journey into the depths of the universe just by being on this planet. And that is pretty special. Perhaps if you learned to appreciate the beauty of every day existence you wouldn't sound like such a twat while replying to Youtube comments :) Especially while listening to such calming songs as these. maybe not hateful but your comment had some pretty shitty vibes bro and only painted you like an arrogant twat :P Unlike the reply which was pretty genuine and was just a comment with as much "utility" as your original but hey your comment is SOOOOO much more useful amirite?Sorry, my bad. You were just unfriendly, which I'm not used to, at these kind of music videos. :)