Street fashion is the “new high fashion.” Here I have something interesting for you. I hope.
Turn the old school rap (or Beyoncé, or Mozart, anything u wish) and enjoy. I will show you some examples, little bit of brand history and maybe inspire you.
Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, I’m Belarusian.

By the way, this is my first article.

1. Adidas
Since 1949. Germany
We all know the brand with 3 stripes, right?
Adidas bought they famous logo for 2 bottles of whiskey from finnish athletic footwear brand.

90s Superthumb
Run-DMC - My Adidas

2. Balenciaga
Since 1919. Spain.
They used to dress Spanish royalty.

Balenciaga Superthumb
M.I.A. - Borders

3. Champion
Since 1919. New York, U.S.A.
Champion became famous for creating the hooded sweatshirt.

champion champion
raw breed - i want in (1997 ny)

4. Dr. Martens
Since 1949. Germany.
The shoes were originally intended for the working class, which eventually led them to be a staple of the skinhead look.
From my opinion now it's a very big part of street culture.

boots boots
Oddisee - Like Really

5. Ellesse
Since 1959. Italy.
The very first ellesse logo was made up from founder Leonardo Servadio’s name and initials. His name was soon dropped from either side so that by the mid-1960s, it just existed as L&S… ‘elle’ and ‘esse’.

Superthumb girl
TOMMY CASH - old school

6. Fila
Since 1911. South Korea.
In 1994 the company inked an endorsement contract with Grant Hill of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons

Superthumb fashion
Ship of Fools - Claiming Your Style
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