I have some of my best and funniest life memories while listening to this album. Once was while having an awesome Closed eye mushroom trip being witness to the best cartoonish artpiece ive ever seen. The second memory i was watching a sunset while listening to "somewhere in russia" and a UFO light ship appeared in front of me ! proof this is high vibe music Nice! I would assume its a law ... the way they operate and how we operate are so different. I heard once this analogy... that meeting them face to face before the time is ready is like putting a slow spinning gear and a fast spinning gear together... it wouldnt work, and our consciousness wouldnt be able to handle it... psychological shock perhaps... although i do believe its not too far into the future +Remy Starseed . I had almost the exact same experience! While listening to music like this I looked out my window and saw a glowing orange light ship. It hovered over the tree line. (never seen a "Satellite" hover over a tree line before, nor have a seen a satellite in the shape of a orange disk). They must be attracted to the vibration that this type of music creates. My feeling was that they wanted to communicate but I wasn't ready and it went away.