This music is something special, something what moves me so deeply. I find this music not only related with the whole beautiful scientific enterprise which provides us the understanding of that what's all around, but also this music for me is the answer to all of the questions science is constantly struggling with. Quantum physics, Extraterrestrial life, Meaning of space and time, Dark energy and matter, Consciousness... Why? What's the purpose? ... There is literally nothing better than this album for insomnia. Doctors should write a prescription for this for sleeping problems...and also, Ambien. The combination can't be topped, but if I had to pick one or the other, I would choose this album.I love a good drone, and this is one of my favorites. BTW, I think it's funny (and cool, in a strange way) that we now have scratch-free recordings, but musicians are inserting little clicks and crackles that sound just like the scratches on an album. Yeah, I dig it, too. An occasional pop is oddly nostalgic.