Hello everyone so today it's a sad playlist that i propose to you ~ so i hope that you enjoy this playlist !~

1. DPR Live - Jasmine

hong dabin and dpr live image
we start with a song of my fav artist!~~ can't describ this song just listen

2. Block B - Don't Leave

asians, kpop, and comeback image
i really love listening this song ~

3. Rad Museum - Dancing in the rain

rad museum image
for rainy day ~

4. Dawn - Live hall

dawn image

5. Taehyung (from. Winner) - I'm Young

aesthetic, kpop, and Relationship image
sad love story ~

6. Dean - Instagram

aesthetics, blue, and dean image
for when you fell alone

7. Btob - Missing You

kpop, comeback, and missing you image
all is in the title

8. IKON - Apology

Temporarily removed

9. Bang Youngguk (feat. Yoseob from BEAST)- I remember

bap, i remember, and bangyoungguk image
the story of the MV of that song is full of emotions

10. SISTAR - Lonely

sistar, bora, and soyou image
the last song of this group :(( i'm so sad when i listening this ...

11. MIB - Not Along

gif and m.i.b image

12. Bolbbalgan4 - Hard to love

kartist image

13. Ahn Jungjae You're Fine

kartist image

14. Zion.T - Two

Image by 케이 인

15. KARD - You in Me

Image by 케이 인
crazy love

16. BTS - Let Me Know

adorable, babe, and concert image

17. Dean - Half Moon

dean, mv, and half moon image
it's the perfect representation of the moment when you feel that a person is important to you

18. Jung Ilhoon - She's Gone

btob and ilhoon image
i love theses lyrics too much because they are so truly "Why would this be the best solution?"

19. The Rose - Sorry

gif, kpop, and woosung image

20. KREAM - Talking to the moon

kream and kartist image
it's a song who ....relate a story of my life ~