The night sky covered the city like a soft blanket. The human’s eyes flattered close, as Hypnos, god of sleep, stared at her sleeping figure. Her lips parted, small puffs of air leaving her mouth as she dreamed about serendipity. Her eyes slowly moving, dreaming of what she really wanted.
A small sigh left his lips as his hand gently caressed her hair.
A god could never love a human. But he was doing the opposite. She messed with his head, making him scared, feeling things he couldn’t explain. He didn’t listen to the warnings. He would still visit her, making himself fall deeper. He didn’t deserve this love. He slightly turned his head staring at the night sky, as a mist was starting to form around him, informing him that he was being summoned. His heart stopped as the thought of Erebus, his father, being disappointed by his firstborn.

His raven hair fell in his eyes as he lowered his head in shame, feeling the glares of the other gods, lingering all over his body. His eyes fell on his mother, Nyx, and his brother Death, who were standing behind his father. Death, who felt eyes on him, lifted his head as he made eye contact with his brother. A small sympathetic smile started forming on his lips, which made Hypnos feel slightly better, not feeling that alone.

As he made his way towards the thrown of his father, all he could think was her laugh. How her eyes would shine as she stared at him. He would disguise himself as a mortal, just so he could be with you.
He loved the way that you showed love towards him. Small talks, hand holding, pecking his lips and furiously blush afterwards making his heart swell.

You were a mortal. Young, full of life, ready to face everything. He was immortal. Tired and unloved. He needed you. He wanted to be part of your life. But that was impossible.

A heavy sigh left his lips as he final looked up at his furious father.

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