the cover image represent for me "a one step further"

Feel it, Accept it

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this week was kinda heavy, I was tired and I had mixed feelings all at once.. but the thing is I didn't try to fix the situation, I didn't fight back or resist.. I just let it all go through me, I let myself feel it all
I didn't hate myself for having those feelings, or rebel or get stressed, I was more compassionate with myself, and understand later that it was just because of fatigue.

believe me don't trust the feelings you have when you're: tired, hungry, angry or lonely.

You know yourself the best!

there's no one in this world who knows you better than yourself
I tried to understand myself first before doing anything and I got what I need -like I said in the first paragraph- I didn't try to get it from others, and even when people around me (my friends) said things and thought they "know me" I just pass it..

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because they're not me, and I'm so glad that I developed my self-awareness .. it's important.


and since I knew myself after feeling free to feel it and accepting it, I thought it's the time for a short pause, and that's what exactly I expressed once in one of my writings

and that..
Writing let me dive in my deep the real me and set me free

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I can read a whole book in a session when I'm tired -physically or mentally- it relaxes me, it's a great thing!

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"Eveything happens to me is a good thing, no matter how it seemed to be."