Infinite - Eminem

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"I'm infinite, You heard of hell well I was sent from it, I went to it serving a sentence for murderin' instruments"

Infinite is a song from Eminem's first album (Infinite) and sadly the only song from that album you can listen to on Spotify. I find the song somewhat different from The Slim Shady LP e.g. Totally worth listening!

The Rest Of Our Life - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

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"Oh, I'll be fine, If my gray hair shows, I'll be fine, If my waistline grows, I'll be fine, Even when time takes its toll, I'll stay young for the rest of my life, With you, I'll stay young for the rest of my life"

The rest of our life is a beautiful song written by one and only Ed Sheeran. Lyrics are so stunning and both singers vocals match the song beautifully. I also love the piano and the fact that it's a country song.

Sam - Jessie Ware

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"And I hope I'm as brave as my mother, Wondering what kind of mother will I be? Hope she knows that I found a man far from my father, Sam, my baby, and me"

Another amazing song co-written by Ed Sheeran. That man just knows how to write songs! Jessie has so gorgeous and soothing voice. Song is about love and motherhood and I fell in love with it from the first time I heard it. I highly recommend listening!

Before - Ulrik Munther

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"In the cold, cold night, Lying next to you almost made it feel alright, And when we talked, I was just blown by, I told you all, all about my life, At one point, I even cried"

I loved the album All jag ville säga from Ulrik, Swedish is such a beautiful language. I was pretty sad when he switched to singing in English, but this song, oh my, I'm so in love with it. He has so stunning voice. Just perfection.

Heartbreak Century - Sunrise Avenue

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"Oh, will you stay with me, Or chase another dream, In this heartbreak century, It's more than way too fast, Can lovers ever last? In this heartbreak century"

I'm from Finland and I have always been little skeptical about Finnish music. Especially the ones in English. Once I started to listen to Sunrise Avenue, I was instantly in love. I can't wait to hear them perform next summer!

La Vie En Rose - Daniela Andrade

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"Give your heart and soul to me, And life will always be la vie en rose, And when you speak, Angels sing from above, Everyday words seems, To turn into love songs"

This song is translated and shorter version of the original French song, La Vie En Rose by Édith Piaf. I don't know why I didn't know about this song until yesterday, but I have to say, I already adore this song. Thank you How I Met Your Mother, without you I wouldn't have found this amazing song!

Here's also a link to my Spotify playlist, where you can find all of the songs (I update it quite often, so I might have deleted some of the songs, sorry) and other songs I'm loving atm.

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