Bonjour mes amies! So here is the second (out of three) of the This vs That or That / Would You Rather questions I was doing from before. Since the last was so long I decided to split this 50 into half. Number 50 - 75. See how many we agree on and enjoy! :)

The first half:

51. Sci- Fi or Fantasy?

arwen crown
Fantasy. (Although I do plenty enjoy Sci-Fi.)

52. Numbers or Letters?

fashion Superthumb

53. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

Superthumb lord of the rings
Both. I prefer Harry Potter books, but prefer Lord of the Rings movies.

54. Fair or Theme Park?

Superthumb fun
Theme Park.

55. Money or Fame?

beige Superthumb

56. Washing Dishes or Doing Laundry?

Superthumb Superthumb

57. Snakes or Sharks?

animal beautiful
Both. Always loved both.

58. Orange Juice or Apple Juice?

apple Superthumb
Apple Juice. Close call though.

59. Sunrise or Sunset?

city Superthumb

60. Pen or Pencil?

Superthumb Superthumb
Pen. Ballpoint or Sharpie is the real question.

61. Slacker or Overachiever?

notes boy
Both. Depends on the day. I'm a HUGE perfectionist and a HUGE procrastinating.

62. Peanut Butter or Jelly?

bread Superthumb
Jam. (Again close call.)

63. Grammys or Oscars?

actor anne
Oscars. Honestly can't remember the difference

64. Detailed or Abstract?

art art
Both at the same time.

65. Multiple Choice or Short Answer?

definition hate
Multiple choice all the way.

66. Adventurous or Cautious?

beach clock
Depends on my mood, what I'm doing, and who I'm with.

67. Saver or Spender?

california big
Big saver.

68. Glasses or Contacts?

eye aesthetic

69. Laptop or Desktop?

apple book

70. Classic or Modern?

gold italy

71. Personal Chef or Personal Fitness Trainer?

Superthumb Superthumb
Truly do not know.

72. Internet or Cell Phone?

grunge Superthumb

73. Call or Text?

blackberry Superthumb

74. Curly Hair or Straight Hair?

beauty curls
Curly or wavy.

75. Morning Shower or Night Shower?

bed book
Morning showers are the best thing ever. It wakes you up, you can jam to some tunes, and know for sure you don't smell horrid. (unless your shampoo stinks; that's your fault)

Done and part 3 still to go. If you read both please share with me if you preferred the length of the last one or this one! :) Merci!

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