Hey Everyone! So, today for day 10 of my 30 day writing challenge, I am going to be telling you about something that thoroughly excites me. Enjoy!

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I would have to say that my one true love in life is traveling. I love just spontaneously leaving one place and ending up in another that I have never been to. I do not have a specific type of place that I prefer to go to; I love the city, the beach, the desert, the coasts (both East and West), etc. My favorite place that I have ever been has to be either: New York City, NY, Portsmouth, NH, San Diego CA, or St. George, UT. Clearly, I am very indecisive on which is my favorite, but I just love this beautiful earth too much to just pick one!

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This is New York City, NY
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This is Portsmouth, NH
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This is San Diego, CA
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This is St. George, UT

-April xo