Day 3| Write About Two Memories

Memory Number 1- The day that I let the him get away.

I don't have a date for this memory, but it's haunted me all the same. I let the first truly great guy that I'd dated in a long time slip away. He may have made me angry sometimes, but every since he's been gone I've had a dull ache in my heart. It sounds cheesy and cliche but it's beyond true. I confused annoyance with my own immaturity, and I let him go. He's since found better and we're very good friends, but it'll never be the same. That day I broke up with him I regretted it the second I spoke the words. I tried to slowly get him back, but he moved on. I of course wish him the best, always, but I also wonder what could've been. Looking back, I see how immature I was and so unprepared emotionally to care for someone.

Memory Number 2- The conversation that lasted all night.

Many years ago I was in love with a guy, he was my world. We had a very complicated relationship mainly because he was a complicated guy. One of my favorite memories of him is our all-nighter phone call. I don't quite remember why or how it started, but we spent the entirety of the night and morning on the phone. His mom has never been the strict type, so while I was tucked under my covers or pacing my room, he roamed the streets of town while we talked. Around 5 am I remember my dad waking up to go to work and being confused as to why I was up and on the phone so early. Anyways, this guy walked all the way across town to my house while we were on the phone, only to see me peak out of the window to see him, and the he walked back. We have shared numerous memorable moments together since, but this is one of our earliest, and one of my favorite memories of us.

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