Hi! As you may know, today it´s the International Women´s Day, so I thought that it would be a good idea to make an article about it´s history:

This day commemorates the 1908 workers´ strike in New York, where women protested for better working conditions. This was due to an accident in a textile factory that caused (by the lack or absence of these same working conditions) the death of lots of women working in there. This inspired women to get up and fight for their rights protesting on the streets of New York City. The very first Women´s Day was in 28th of Feb. in 1909.

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The picture that I used as cover for this article is a very well known picture. This was, during World War II, a poster to invite all women to show the world that we can do anything if we are together. Basically, this poster invited all women to help work at factories that had no workers due to that all men were soldiers fighting for their country on this war.

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In this time a strong woman was shown to the world: Marilyn Monroe. She started working in one of these factories and a magazine took a picture of her, this picture made her famous. Other magazines and people were amazed by her beauty and modeling skills. She was hired as an actress but because of injustice on her pay (she was payed less than her male coworkers) she quitted. She was always a defensor of women rights, she empowered and inspired lots of other women and still does.

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But Marilyn isn´t the only one. Since long time ago to present days, we´ve always had lots of women that are an inspiration to all of us. Some examples are:

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Malala: Nobel peace prize winner for fighting in favor of girl´s education. Also a victim and survivor of violence.
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Emma Watson: Not only a beautiful woman and actress, she is an environmentalist and defensor of political, economical and social equality between genders.
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Cleopatra: Since ancient times, she showed everyone that a woman can change the world and make what everyone believed impossible and almost unacceptable.
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Hurrem Sultan: She was one of the most powerful women on Ottoman history. She was Süleyman Sultan's advisor on matters of state and was a defendor of women even in those times. She did charities such as a public bath for women, a soup kitchen for the poor, two schools and a women´s hospital.

And there are many other women that contributed to our society fighting in favor of equality! So, not only in this day, but everyday, we should remember and celebrate that because all of these women we now are able to have lots of things that women weren´t able to before (like study or work) and that now, despite we still need to work a little harder for equality, we have rights and laws that defend us and everyone else from injustice.

Thank you for reading and sorry for it being too long. I love you all <3 Happy Women´s Day