Hi everybody. I decided to make a list of my OTP's. Here's part 1.

1. Deacon & Rayna (Nashville)

I love them so, so much. Their story is so tragically beautiful, and I miss them more than anything. I wish they had gotten more time together.

2. Buck & Abby (9-1-1)

I'll admit, I wasn't gonna watch this show at first. I didn't think I would be able to watch Connie Britton in any show besides Nashville. But I finally caved and started watching it, and I'm glad that I did. Buck and Abby are so cute together and I love that they started as phone buddies before meeting in person. I hope that they actually last though but I'm worried that they won't.

3. Scarlett & Gunnar (Nashville)

I miss these two so much. Their relationship is one of my favorites on the show and I'm so upset that the writers decided to break them up. Hopefully they'll get back together in the series finale although I highly doubt it.

4. Callie & Ximena (The Fosters)

I love how much they care for each other. Callie has gone out of her way to help Ximena and her family. I really hope that they talk about that kiss from a few episodes ago in the season finale next week.