Here is a list of unproblematic people that you need to be a fan of!

1. Harry Styles

Okay hear me out, Harry has always been a sweetheart. His motto is "treat people with kindness" which is honestly amazing. He gives money to charities all the time is constantly involved in progressive things like Little Princess Trust, March For Our Lives, Red Nose Day, etc. Plus he can sing and act! If you didn't know, he is in the film "Dunkirk" and plays a big role in the Christopher Nolan film! He is also a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community! He is constantly waving different flags around stage that represent the people in the community and he even wears rainbow bracelets!

2. Khalid

Khalid is always so open to fans and accepting of everyone! He believes we should all be treated equally and that everyone is unique! His style is amazing and he always says to wear what you want to wear! He's committed to his love for El Paso, where he says he felt the most accepted out of all of the places he has lived. His social media is flooded with him spreading love and happiness to everyone around him. He is well known for his album "American Teen" which is unlike anything anyone has ever heard before! (also he and Harry are friends)


Zendaya is not afraid to be herself and let loose! She is the least judgemental person that I have ever seen and she spreads positivity like crazy! She's an actor, singer, and model! She's a huge advocate for women's rights and she truly believes that you can do anything you put your mind to. She accepts all people with open arms no matter the size, color, religion, gender, sexuality, etc! Plus she has an amazing sense of style!

4. Roman Atwood

The youtube vlogger has over 14M subs right now! His saying is to "Smile More" and ends every vlog with "You're beautiful, you're one of a kind, smile more!" Father of 3, Roman had created his youtube channel for the sole purpose of spreading positivity. He constantly includes his fans in everything he does and spends time with family every day! Roman is one of those YouTubers that doesn't flaunt their money or brag about their status. His vlogs are just him hanging with his family and friends and doing the things he loves with the people he loves! Whether its racing four-wheelers, or jumping in a frozen pond, or just a chill day at home, he always has a smile on his face and he always looks genuinely happy. His vlogs are just so raw and even when they laze around at home, he stills find a way to make his videos entertaining yet comforting.

These are just a small portion of people that I love so if you would like a part two or three to this, let me know! Or let me know if you are a fan of any of these people and we can talk about our love for them ha.

Until next time, see you later, muffins!