Hey guys!!!

I'm so excited for today's challenge, so, HERE WE GO.


1. London, England.

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Since I was a little kid I wanted to travel to London, I don't know why since then, because I was really little. Now this is one of the places I want to live in, because of the weather, the people, the things, EVERYTHING. My dream is to go there.

2. Orlando, Florida. USA.

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Two years ago my parents talked about this trip. This year, we're actually going on december, and I have never been more excited about traveling (it's not that I travel a lot, but it's like a year left yet and I'm already dreaming about it). I put on two of the places I want to go when we're in Florida. Those are the places I'm more excited about the whole trip we're taking (I'm a huge disney fan. And a Universal Studios fan. I just love everything), but still, I'm so glad we're doing this.

3. Tokio, Japan.

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Going here is so expensive that I think if I go now, I wouldn't have the money to get back. But I'm so curious about it, because a lot of things happen in this city and I wanna know everything. Literally, taking classes about this places while I'm there (that would be awesome). So, that's my reason. I'm curious about this place.

4. New Orleans, USA.

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In this trip to Florida we're taking, my mom had the dream to go here to visit. My dad said no. He had a real point and good reasons, but still, I was with my mom on this one. I'm so curious about this city too. Jazz was born in here and I do love Jazz a lot, I want to learn, get to know this things.

5. Paris, France.

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Here is the most important art museum in the history of art. I want to visit it, take a lot of pictures and get to know this. I know, Paris is probably beautiful, but I still don't know that for a fact. I want to know this place, but specially because of this art museum, which I don't know what's it called.


6. Barcelona, Spain.

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This place... I think is so beautiful. I couldn't not mention it, but I could erase one of the others either... I just love here so much, I don't know if I would live here, but to visit, to learn about this culture, how it was in the past, how it is in the present. How is the history in this place with too many years. I just... I have to be here someday.

Well, guys, that's pretty much it!

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see you guys tomorrow with the next day.

Lots of love, Cat.