Hello! Today I am going to write a shorts story, but I think it will end up being quite long. Hey, I’m not a professional so don’t expect me to write the best story ever. I just like writing! Today’s story is going to be an information story, written in a fun way. And you’ll see what I mean. Hopefully by the end, you will notice why nutrients are so important. Enjoy!


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Lucy and Peanuts are best friends, but they like different things. Lucy loves reading books and going to school. She is the smartest one in the school, but she still thinks she doesn’t get enough education. Peanuts, on the other side, likes physical activity and playing many different sports. The only problem is that he doesn’t drink much water because he thinks it’s boring and has no taste. One day there was a poster at school saying:

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It was a normal day at school today. Peanuts was ready to tell Lucy about the hike. As usually, Lucy came into the classroom holding a book.
“Lucy come look at this!” said Peanuts, “We should go do this hike.”
“Sure it looks fun. I’ve never learned about nutrients.” Lucy responded.

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On the day of the hike, Lucy and Peanuts got together at The Mountain of Nutrients. They signed in and got ready for the hike. They had a person that was going to lead them on the hike.
“First you have to fill up your water bottles.” said Marcie.
“But we don’t have water bottles.” said Peanuts.
“You don’t have WATER BOTTLES?!”

“Did you know water is actually the most important nutrient. Approximately 50-75 percent of your body is water. It also carries waste from your body and helps break down food in the digestive system.”
“What is the digestive system?” asked Lucy.
“The digestive system is the basically the breaking down of food. We will talk about it later. Now the point is that you should be drinking 40-64 oz. per day. You can always make it fun by adding fresh fruit or frozen fruit. You can also put in vegetables or drink herbal tea. Here is some water for you. Now let’s get going on the hike.”

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They hiked for a one hour. Peanuts and Marcie kept on drinking water. “ Can we take a break now. I’m really tired.” said Lucy.
“ Of course,” Marcie replied.
“Tell me Lucy, how many hours a day do you do physical activity?” asked Marcie, curiously.
“ Probably......none.” Lucy said, while pulling out her note book.
“ Lucy that is very unhealthy you know. Kids your age should be getting at least 1 hour of physical activity a day.” said Marcie, very patiently, “ it helps to lose weight, control your blood sugar, decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes. “
“ I knew that already, you see I’m very strong. I exercise every day!” said Peanuts.
“ You may be strong, but to gain muscular strength you must do 5 different things. You need to get enough protein, which we will talk about later, enough sleep which means 9-10 hours of sleep, exercise, stretch and you need water.” said Marcie, earnestly.

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“Here is a chicken and some almonds.” said Marcie,” these are an example of Protein . The chicken is a complete and almonds are incomplete. This means the complete has all the essential amino acids and the incomplete means it is missing some of the essential amino acids. Can you tell me the difference between chicken and almond and give me some more examples?”
“I know, I know. Chicken is meat and almonds are nuts.” said Peanuts.
“ Yes, but there is more to the complete. The ones with complete protein include meat, fish, dairy products, poultry, and eggs. The incomplete include, legumes, seeds, nuts, and whole grains.” Marcie said.
“ And some examples are, pork, cheese, and shrimp. For the incomplete, cashews, wild rice, and soy beans.” Lucy responded.
“ Very well done, Lucy.” replied Marcie.

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“Aren’t fats bad for you?” asked Peanuts.
“There are some good ones ,too!” said Marcie.
“Unsaturated fats are the best kind of fat, but it still doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want of it. They are typically in a liquid form. The food sources are olive oil, canola oil, nuts and seeds, and fish oils. There are two kinds, mono and polyunsaturated.
“Then what fats are bad for you?” asked Peanuts
“Trans fats and Saturated fats are bad for you. They are typically in a solid form. They clog your circulatory system which can lead to heart attacks or
stroke. Ways to prevent that is by eating fiber, but it is best just to avoid it. Some food sources are junk food, tropical and coconut oil. “

Complex Carbohydrates : “Starches composed of sugar linked together. They provide our body with long term energy.” said Marcie.
“So these are better, right?” Lucy asked, while taking out her note book.
“Yes they are much better. Some food sources are 100% Whole grain bread, unprocessed oatmeal, granola cereal, wild rice, and lots more, too. This poster shows what the sugars linked together.

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Simple Carbohydrates : “Sugar that provides a boost of energy for the body. “ says Marcie
“What are some things that will happen if we eat too much” asked Lucy.
“You may get cavities, cancer, lack of energy, stomachache, and many other things. There are good sugars, too! Are you allergic to dairy product?” asked Marcie
“ I am, I am.” Peanuts said, happily.
“ Well, it is the natural sugar in milk that you are allergic to. It is called Lactose. There are others, too. It is the processed sugars or added sugar that is bad for you. This is a poster of what happens when you eat processed sugars. You start in the healthy zone. Then it rises over the healthily zone very quickly. Finally it drops under the healthily zone.”

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“Vitamins and minerals are called micronutrients because they are needed by your body in small amounts each day. “ said Marcie.” Now remember the richer the color the richer the nutrients.”

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“I’m getting hungry. Let’s go eat lunch now.” Marcie said, excitedly. “ Before we go get our lunch, let’s think about some food choices. This poster shows the different foods we need in a meal. We should always get about 3 out 5 of the food groups.”

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“Remember now, half your plate should be fruits and vegetables. One fourth of your plate should be protein, One fourth of your plate should be grain, and at least half of the grains should be 100% whole grains. Lastly, 1 serving of milk.” Marcie said.
“ What about desserts?” asked Peanuts.
“ Sorry, we don’t have any desserts in the lunch line. Remember, desserts are called extras. They aren’t good for us. We should be eating 0 servings of it every day. I know it’s hard sometimes, but you should keep it as close to 0 as you can. Now it is your turn to go make your own healthy choices.”

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Peanuts and Lucy have started to live differently and they have told everyone about it.

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Peanuts made sure he drank enough water to stay healthy. They both ate almost no Junk food. Lucy was much more active then before. They affected everyone around them. Now there life has become all about Nutrient.

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That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed the story. I have to admit, it was actually pretty long. It took me very long so I hope it was good. Thanks for reading! Be looking forward the the next articles for the writing challenge. I am 1/3 through the whole things so cheer me on! Below is the collection of the articles for the 15 day writing challenge.

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