hellooo!! ive been wondering if i should do this for a while, but i finally decided that the people who follow my collections should know who i am :)

since this challenge doesnt question what my name is, ill let u all know that my name is grace!


fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, asian, and ulzzang image
my style consists of sweatshirts/hoodies, flannels, and baggy shirts, mostly bc im insecure of my body


aesthetic, peach, and half sun image gif, lightning, and storm image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image lilac, pastel, and photography image
peach/light pink, red, yellow, and lilac. a weird combo but yeah.


atticus, roses, and journal image Mature image polaroid, camera, and vintage image aesthetic, blue, and game image
writing, sketching, photography, & playing sims


bunny, cute, and rabbit image animal, flowers, and deer image dog, flowers, and animal image cat, flowers, and animal image
bunnies, deer, dogs, & cats ♥♥♥


chinese, food, and nyc image breakfast, egg, and rolls image food and buffalo wings image breakfast, coffee, and cookie image
lo mein, egg rolls, buffalo wings, & cookies!


kpop, laugh, and laughing image reaction, funny, and meme image reaction, meme, and mood image meme, gavin, and reaction image
funny (idk my friends say i am), a bit hot headed, constantly depressed, and very awkward


my dear, life, and truth image girl, kiss, and lesbian image quotes, self love, and love yourself image friends image
get over them, get a girlfriend/boyfriend, start loving myself more, live with my best friend ♥


american horror story, ahs, and horror image comics, cw, and DC image stranger things, netflix, and eleven image Archie, Betty, and riverdale image
ahs, flash, stranger things, riverdale !


loser, lovers, and wallpaper image disney, moana, and princess image wonder woman, diana of themyscira, and dc comics image andrew, love, and awsome image
IT (2017), Moana, Wonder Woman (2017), Chronicle


rose, red, and flowers image bottle, drink, and glass image drink, hot cocoa, and marshmallow image coffee, drink, and minimalist image
coke, sprite, hot cocoa, coffee


twitter, youtube, and shane dawson image jacksepticeye image dan, my heart, and smile image mark, rp, and rp themes image
shane & friends, jacksepticeye (sean), dan & phil, and markiplier


beach, sand, and sea image beach, loving, and relaxing image amazing, ocean, and paradise image beach, california, and evening image
anywhere w/ a beach


fall out boy, pete wentz, and joe trohman image brockhampton image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image disneyland, toddy, and todrick hall image
fall out boy, rockhampton, ariana grande, todrick hall


youtube, garrett watts, and morgan adams image Image by j'eѕpere le revoιr lα-вα dαɴѕ l'αυ-delα
shane n his friends, my friends


brown, girl, and lit image bubbles, crybaby, and cartoon image alt, alternative, and brown image lips, girl, and skin image
medium brown hair, a lil chubby, dark brown eyes (almost black). chapped lips :(


america, american flag, and neon image aesthetic, photography, and america image
american... sadly

this is all i could really find for this challenge. if you would, id very much appreciate if you checked out my collections !! thank u ♥