Excuse Me

"Excuse me while I run
I really gotta get out of here
Reach out for anyone
and they will tell you get out of here
I'm asking everyone
you've gotta help me get out of here"
"But no one says a word
Eyes upon the paper headline
Refuge in your phone
Bumping shoulders
Cough and sniff
But no one says hello"
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Ban All the Music

"Cut me off from the rest of the world
It's my addiction
It turns me on
It's oh so quiet my end of the world"
"Play an illegal song
And turn it up louder
"Been sick so long
Switching off all the noise I've been sold
Ban all the music
It's all gone wrong"
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Wake Up Call

"Step out, this town
Has nothing that I wanna know"
"These hearts are wireless
This ain't no crowd control
These thoughts are violent
They murder rock and roll"
"Sometimes the hours are wasted
No one will give you a wake up call"
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"There's a rumbling
In my head
It's getting louder"
"'Cause I just wanna feel something real
'Cause I just wanna feel something"
"I just wanna love
I just wanna touch
I just wanna see
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If I Get High

"If I get high enough
Will I see you again?"
"I feel my lungs every night
Not long to wait
And if I do this thing right
I dream of our escape"
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Graveyard Whistling

"All your gods are false
Just get used to it"
"'Cos if you don't believe
it can't hurt you
And when you let it leave
it can't hurt you"
"Give me access to the cloud I'm living under
When I go there will I find a sense of wonder?"
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"When I'm in the dark
Sometimes I feel like a hostage
Keep me in the dark
I want to feel like a hostage"
"The night and the dark appreciate
The light and the heat we generate"
"The day and the night don't separate
This ache for you starts to dominate
I'm finding it hard to concentrate"
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Trip Switch

"Rubbing shoulders with some unknown lovers
Making waves through the universe"
"What we do when the power's out
What do we do when the lights go down"
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Lover, Please Stay

"Lover come to the kitchen floor
Tiles are cold, so Am I"
"So take from me
what you want, what you need
Take from me, whatever you want
whatever you need
but lover, please stay with me"
"And I don't wanna be alone
If I am tonight, I'll always be"
"And I can see you, I can feel you
Slipping through my hands"
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Drawing Pins

"Every light is blinding
Every minute lasts all day
Every thought is fighting
They're not falling into place"
"When you talk
I don't feel like I belong
Here at all"
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"You send me your regrets
Look what you've done"
"Pure love as a painkiller"
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Tempt You (Evocatio)

"Sweety, you need something better
Let me build you something better"
"Heaven it's lonely on your heaven
Darling we should get together"
"Heaven there's room for us in heaven
We could stay this way forever
People pray together"
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Deluxe version (bonus tracks)

Honey Whiskey

"This party's pretty boring
I don't think it’s for me"
"I think I better go before I try something I might regret"
"The black heart angels calling
With kisses on my mouth
There's poison in the water
The words are falling out"
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"Hanging by a thread"
"Some days never end
Where do you wanna go?"
"I threw my keys into the river
Cos I didn't wanna go home"
"Lets dive into this hole together, like this
And hope we never come out"
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Neon Brother

"We are all or nothing"
"In the night, in the night
We are not alone
Can you hear it coming?"
"If you open my chest, see that two hearts are beating
They both beat so slow"
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Six Billion

"Sometimes we're thrust against the wall
Sometimes the world likes to see you crawl"
"Six billion lives, looking for love
You can decide if it's enough"
"The end is the same for everyone
That should be enough, for us to be as one"
"Watch me fall apart all for you
Watch me fall apart, trying to please you"
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