So I haven't posted anything about my crush lately. Um so heres an update:

At my school they constructed a new building for people who had classes in the T-buildings aka the trailers. In the new building they have a big new cafeteria. So I was in the cafeteria with my friend during lunch and we were at our table eating.| before I start the story: a day before my best friend asked him if he knew me and he said he didn't, which makes me mad because we literally had a class together and he would always hear my guy best friend (his friend also) call my name all the time, anyways after he said that she asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said he did.| While we were sitting at our table with some friends my best friend said "Hey, look! He's over there!" and she sort of hinted with her eyes as she nudged me with her elbow towards the direction he was at. When I turned my face I saw that he was sitting a table away from ours. I then looked at my best friend and said " Ugh... I don't care..." and she laughed and said "Yes you do" and that made me smile and I said "Okay maybe a little." One thing I didn't notice when I looked towards his direction was that his girlfriend was sitting next to him. When we finished eating my best friend wanted me to go to the restroom with her. I kinda didn't want to go because the restroom was past his table but I got the balls to stand up and go. So when we were walking past his table he looked at my best friend and she started pointing at me, to signal that it was me (the girl who he didn't know), and at that moment he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. I mean I wasn't looking at him but my best friend told me that's what he did. After we got out the restroom me and my friend sat at the carpeted stairs they built for the students to sit and "chill". We sat on the third row. A couple of minutes passed (about 5) and my best friend noticed that my crush's girlfriend was sitting on the first row. I tried to see her face by scooting to an angle where her face was visible. Once I saw her face I was surprised to see who it was, well not really. I remembered her face from somewhere. I then remembered I had Theatre class with her. [2 minutes later] My crush walked over to the carpeted stairs and sat on the second row behind his girlfriend but sort of diagonal from me. I wasn't even shy at that moment. I got sort of this feeling of not caring about anything. We (me and my best friend) sat there talking meanwhile his girlfriend was talking to her friends and sort of acknowledging that her boyfriend was there. {whistle blowing} Lunch ended and it was time to go back to class. I sat there for a few seconds because I was too lazy to move, the stairs were so comfortable. He also sat there for a few seconds with his girlfriend. I decided to go because why should I sit there when I should be going to class. My best friend and I stood up and walked up the stairs which were connected to the carpeted stairs. When we were at the top of the stairs I looked back and he was there. I looked at my friend and said " I hate him" she laughed and said "me too".

Pretty much to summarize everything my crush has a girlfriend and I have a class with her.

I mean I'm usually the type of girl to cry when I find out my crush has a girlfriend but this time I wasn't really sad just sort of mad at the fact that I still liked him. I'm glad he has a girlfriend, good for him, I just sort of wished it was me or that he would have talked to me...

Edtt: If you have a crush and you haven't talked to him/her Go for it you have nothing to lose.. maybe... but you'll regret not talking to them. Good luck guys. Sorry if this didn't help