hey there! today I just finished my study time and I come with some kdramas recomendations. I want to clear that the dramas that I'm putting here are not in a special order or something. soo, let's start! [i started to do this days ago, but cuz today is women's day, all of this dramas got powerful ladies. maybe studying, maybe for her family, maybe for herselves. don't forget that you are too].

1. Love in the moonlight

kim yoo jung Superthumb Superthumb kdrama
A beautiful drama about love, life and friendship. The leads are persons and all of the characters have good stories. Plus, the good acting and Jinyoung as Yoon-sung it's just perfect. Ironically, I'm never imagine myself watching this drama but I actually enjoyed it so much.

2. Weightlifting fairy, Kim Book Joo

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb korean
Okay, this is the drama with the cutest and realest of young adults couple ever. The chemistry between the leads was too much. I was so upset when they broke up in real life, even If I knew it was just marketing. They were so cute together.

3. It's okay, that's love

couple kdrama Superthumb Superthumb
One of my favs sooo far. It's just too perfect and the chemistry between the leads is awesome, like if they were an actually couple. Btw, the acting is so real.

4. Chicago Typewriter

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
THIS IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL KDRAMAS EVER, EVER. AMAZING, UNVELIABLE, ACCURATE, RELATABLE, INTERESTING. The only thing wrong is that there's nothing wrong. You may think that I'm overating this show, and maybe cuz it's like it was made just for me.

5. Strong woman Do Bong Soon

kdrama kdrama strong woman do bong soon kdrama

Puppy couple is so wow. I love strong woman and loyal, charming and handsome guys. bUT THAT I REALLY LIKE IS GOOD PLOT AND THIS IS.

6. Cheese in the trap

cheese in the trap Dream Superthumb Superthumb
This drama is so underrated in my opinion and everyone dislikes the end, but I liked it. The females lead is just like you and me, the male lead is not goo or bad and the other characters are all well made.

7. I'm not a robot

Superthumb Superthumb kdrama Superthumb
Jiah is an incredible gurl. I really enjoyed this drama a lot.

8. Shopaholic Louie

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
Super cute, fresh and with tones of pure love. The couple between Bok Sil and Ji Sung was a cute relationship and Bok Sil is such a strong woman.

9. Fight for my way

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
This is one on my favs dramas too. I want to be like Aera. She's amazing and I made this article just to put on that gif when she looks so badass. Sul Hee is too and the male leads...just watch it. It's a great drama.

Here we end. Bye!