Sometimes, when I forget how pretty life is...

I get stressed when I don´t study enough for a test. But, why can´t I trust myself for once and believe I know at least some things?

I get stressed when my photos don´t get over 10 likes. But, why do I believe likes define me?

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I get stressed when a guy hurts my feelings. But, why am I crying for someone who doesn´t know what true love is?

I get stressed when some of my friends do things that hurt me. But why I care about teenagers that are too immature to realize what they are doing?

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I get stressed when I can´t write a new chapter for my story. But why I press myself, when I know inspiration comes and goes without order?

I get stressed if the things I do go wrong, I am a perfectionist. But why can´t I just accept people make mistakes, and that´s okay?

Let´s get positive here, honey.

This is a forgotten article I found in the Notes Section of my phone. It deserved to be published. I wrote it on January 2nd, 2018