Hey guys, since it´s 12am here, it´s already a new day so I decided to start on my second writing challenge.

Five facts about me

I am left-handed

proud, lefty, and lefthanded image fall and sleepytimetea lefthanded image haha, my life, and problem image girly, tips, and true image

I have natural curly hair

body, curly, and curly hair image girl, makeup, and beauty image
it is just so hard to take care of it sometimes

I am currently learning italian

frasi, frasi italiane, and frasi tumblr image
Because i´m living in italy

I absolutely loooove fall

autumn, golden, and leaves image amazing, autumn, and beautiful image
It´s just so beautiful, flannel-jeans-boots-scarfs-hats-hoodie season. I love it, it´s my fave season.

Chocolate is, for me, the best thing in world, ever

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This would be fact number 6, but, i LOVE sunflowers, they are my fave flowers.

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xoxo, V.